release notes

2020 May

  • MidiRadio pretty solid now - midi_import dir. hop to random song of same
    rating. bump rating from a/b/c/none

2020 Apr

  • been futzing around with ezplay, song file format, drumtrack creator, chord arranger, etc, sigh

2019 Nov

  • It's PianoCheetah Season again :) emphasis on pop song composing and easysong
  • gotta rebuy the software certificate. but won't. for a while. you'll have to turn off your virus checker. deal with it.
  • cleaned up the .song format a lot. took a long time. but found a lotta hidden bugs so worth it.
  • syn is broke so it's out :( hopefully it'll be back some day

2019 Feb

  • Workin on Lazr.exe for Hogmanayyy

2019 Jan

    ** release 2019 Jan 16 - .song format, ez track, rand song, syn=dead:(

  • =>
  • Syn is totally broke right now. don't use it unless you're ok with screeches. Song2Wav still works at least. Something about WASAPI has changed in win10 :( Researching. Sigh.
  • New .song format - a text based midi format finally !!
  • New autosplit function to do most of it. Finesse the split with rectangle dragging.
  • Took out style clip and UnMod stuff until later

2018 Nov

  • PianoCheetah hang (CoUnitialize) fiiinally found SHOISH
  • in loop practice, tempo auto-set by #bug times (60/80/100%)

2018 Sep

  • RandSong lives again :)
  • bugfix - handling _song.txt files properly now

2018 Jul

    ** release 2018 Jul 27 - ui bug
  • bugfix - track control being drawn on top of toolbar

  • ** release 2018 Jul 21 - EZTrack is better, GUI cleanup, bug fixes

  • good lord! been working on ez track mode and cleaning up learning progression GUI
  • .mid backups are now put in a dir with same name as song. (not in /old anymore)
  • stomped on some very very old bugs.

2017 Dec

  • new verse and chorus (autonumbered) lt blue and pink hilites. else lt green for intro/bridge/outro
  • new small hover only range cues to not bug you while playing but still show repeats / common rhythms

2017 Nov

    ** release 2017 Nov 21 - EZ Track algorithm is more solid

  • decided ez5 is the way to go. no point in the other ways
  • still hoping to have videos soon...:/

2017 Oct

    ** release 2017 Oct 02 - Install/MidiConfig a little nicer

  • it's pianocheetah season - vaca day per week till Dec :)
  • MidiConfig autorecognizes SOME (my:) devices at least. Is cleaner.
  • Syn wasn't resetting maxVc,maxLevel making next song's sounds quieter and quieter.
  • Fixed drummap sound resolving. You guys don't tell me nothin.

2017 Aug

    ** release 2017 Aug 07 - syn and BUGS (feature) are finally solid(er)

  • workin on the sample conversion .exes and SYN more (took forEVER!!)

2017 May

  • BUGS!! tempo errors (the main type of piano playing errors) are now remembered and marked with bugs. My best feature EVER. And it's BUGS.

2017 Apr

  • syn and WAV import utils seem pretty solid (to me:)
  • MidiConfiger had some pretty serious bugs i just found :(

2017 Mar

  • fix some big probs with syn again.
  • recording is preserved till first key starting loop (to review better)

2017 Feb

  • been workin hard on syn.
  • UnMOD works - you can finally play "Leave The Brain.MOD" !!
  • UnSFZ and UnSF2 mostly work. Still workin on true layers

2016 Nov

  • made 4 kinds of ez tracks. I might settle on only ez8 later.
  • oops - ez tracks where playing during hearall/hearmine. fixed.
  • fixed syn bugs like "all controls off" was wiping program changes; drum samples would loop; other bugs too :/

2016 Oct

    ** release 2016 Oct 10 - autopiano and on to videos

  • last release of pianocheetah for a while cuz I'm gonna FORCE myself to start making videos :(
  • ok, ez tracks => auto-piano. just a better algorithm and would only require a 3 octave piano! (that's fully weighted - sigh)
  • post videos: update syn's sounds with public domain SongSmith sound lib (just the good sounds) and general debugging of syn's flakiness

2016 Sep

  • fingering/accents - solidified em. no need for staccatissimo,staccato,portato,tenuto cuz note display shows that. new left/right hand,left/right foot for drums n organ. just left accent,staccatissimo for general expression used however
  • cues - moved to left side with chords. chords can be hidden. made column division a little better, but could use improvement. solidified cues better with icons. range cues too so loops look nicer, new "hilite" range, true crescendo, decrescendo. no need for broken chord or staccato cuz notes show that. more icons later probably

2016 Aug

  • WavPlayer automatically applies .sfz info to .wav files for syn

2016 Jul

  • WavPlayer can pop Waver for .wav file editing

  • ** release 2016 Jul 11 - tempo and recording NAILED

  • everything is finally debugged and STEVE IS HAPPY WITH THIS RELEASE !!
  • learn mode implies looping, lead mode is just looping off

2016 Jun

  • tempo change recording seems to finally work
  • recording LH and RH that can play out on seperate chans/sounds seems to finally work
  • for Syn, my Focusrite 2i2 reports it CAN do a minimum latency of 3 msec. But will only actually WORK at 10 msec (it's default latency). so swapped Syn to use default latency :(
  • honestly I don't understand why i KEEP finding detrimental bugs yet pianocheetah manages to not blow up for ME... If SOMEBODY could email me to be "tester #1 other than Steve", that might help...

2016 Apr

  • wasn't preserving shown controls

2016 Mar

  • for ez tracks, wasn't shushing rec notes used only for velocity
  • showing tempo as a line control - recording tempo versus prescribed tempo
  • controls can be deleted with a right click now
  • drum tracks now have an input AND an output note. so you can set input to whatever your kit can generate and set output to the note to play out midi (for ex, in=snare out=clap)

2016 Feb

    ** release 2016 Feb 17 - ez tracks for the lazy !

  • select a "to learn" track, click track insert (+), pick "easy track". makes a "one note at a time max" to set velocity and trigger all the other notes. piano playing for slackers. screw playin those dang octaves n chords
  • you can drag a note to a different key. for when arps and hops are too big. for use with ez tracks.
  • recorded notes are shaded grey. black for full velocity. lighter grey for lighter velocity.
  • fingering dialog has "kill all fingering" now
  • showing beats a little darker, showing compound timesigs better

2016 Jan

  • tempo wasn't being saved in default tempo songs
  • fixed timer bug that'd shush background tracks too early

  • ** release 2016 Jan 18 - pianohero and drumhero :)

  • you can now move a bunch of notes to a backing track for RH,LH. insert a + track under the LH or RH learn tracks and move notes to those background tracks so ya don't gotta play em (cheating:)
  • drums can be mapped to new drum notes if your kit can't make em. click in the track name cell of a drum to pick.
  • corrected kick mapping (kick n kik2 were swapped from standard)
  • editing of keysig fixed
  • editing in track grid had bugs

2015 Dec

  • swapped back to multimedia timer from wasapi one. wasapi had better accuracy but would cause ANNOYing latency. better now.
  • SETUP.exe and Die() are a lot cleaner (syn.exe is cleaned up)
  • total dang website rewrite to do responsive navigation and junk
  • lh and rh rec tracks can record rh and lh on different channels and sounds so rh can be sawtooth lead and lh synth bass
  • loop review doesn't freak when you hop out of the loop now. new review at end of song recording now.

2015 Oct

  • basic control editing in place
  • better drawing of notes wrapping to top of next column
  • during autobackup in "old" dir, files older than 2 weeks are killed
  • clicking record dev thru list will eventually turn rec off for track turning it into a regular play track - so recording is functional

2015 Oct

    ** release 2015 Sep 23 - so long tinkerer, code signed

  • bought an EXPENSIVE code signing cert so hopefully less antivirus hassles
  • track modes use 2 icons now :/ left is play(empty)/learn(arrow)/mute(x)/ record(red dot) and right is handtype/drum or show(eye) for play tracks. So green arrow is now for LEARN tracks, not play tracks anymore. Hover over em for help
  • putting control display in pcheetah - click piano part of note disp
  • drums shaped better, colored by drum group

2015 May

    ** release 2015 May 15 - FINALLY A NEW RELEASE !!!!!!!

  • not been keepin up this log - sorry :(
  • [* loops have recording review now! and saving your recording includes youuur microtempos
  • as ANY file is written, if an old dir exists, prev copy is moved there as a cheap backup method
  • MUCH better MiniDumps being used now so way easier to find bugs :)

2014 Dec

  • Does drums correctly - I can use my elec drum kit now!
  • Unicode support finally added!!

2014 Aug

  • Met Annie!! So you're gonna have to wait some more :)

2014 Jun

  • Sorry, tryin to freakin date lately and it takes for EVER...
  • downloading a songpack won't STOMP an existing dir

2014 Apr

    ** release 2014 Apr 06 - bugs

  • finally have website docs refreshed - AAAAARGH !!
  • if a midi out device is off, next in list is used
  • loopinit now TOGGLES autoloops on/off and preserves the [*, [LH/RH, and [LH/RH/HT loops you set
  • bugfix - keysig edits weren't being saved
  • bugfix - device closing died (often)

2014 Mar

    ** release 2014 Mar 17 - bugs

  • bugfix - big bug w SETUP.exe - data dir wasn't zipped
  • bugfix - height of track window wasn't autosized right
  • bugfix - songpack download dialog was messed up

  • ** release 2014 Mar 06 - soundmapping bugfix, track editing

  • bugfix - sound/device mapping was broken. If you have problems, please re-download your device type or completely uninstall and reinstall
  • first stab at track editing (ins/del/moveUp/Down). Make a backup of your song before trying these, please...

  • ** release 2014 Mar 02 - keysig, soundmapping, bugfixes

  • bugfix - loopinit was broke
  • bugfix - in learn mode, loop=n, often wasn't skipping to next )
  • keysignature is calculated if orig midi is C Maj or has no ksig
  • sounds are automatically mapped to a new device if not an exact match on last assigned device (or last assigned device is no longer here like at piano lesson)

2014 Feb

    ** release 2014 Feb 16 - NOTE EDITING :)

  • make sure your midis are BACKED UP as there could be bugs
  • click top half of note to edit fingering, change track
  • click bottom half drags duration
  • clicking outside note drags a rectangle
  • if big rect, surrounded note(start)s can be handswapped or deleted
  • else adds new note with track,duration,velos like closest note
  • loop points and cues can be dragged in time
  • bugfix - error message window was RARELY showing :(
  • broken notes are handled better now
  • tooltips are better for track control

2014 Jan

  • bugfix - syn wasn't pausing drums well (at all - it could die)

2013 Dec

    ** release 2013 Dec 31 - compact bars, quick keysig editor

  • empty bars are squished now so you can see more notes
  • note heights are now scaled down if they can be - which is VERY COOL (and subbeats are shown only if notes happen on them)
  • bugfix - program changes set correctly, but then reset back to piano:(
  • bugfix - ReChord wasn't picking 1st in/out device correctly (n died)
  • new keysig editor - click on keys in notes display. You can only add ONE for now (or update existing keysigs). Use Tinkerer to add more.

  • ** release 2013 Dec 16 - major GUI cleanup

  • Sorry, standard notation is gone for now. (Until it's useful)
  • notes look like little "dig dug"s now - to show left/right hand
  • color can show track/scale/velocity now

2013 Nov

  • new loopInit button (in Cues dialog - click in cues area of note display) that finds repeating sections to skip (colored blue in cue area) and loops up the rest into 4 bar loops with half bar overlap - IT IS AWESOME
  • key commands don't have focus probs any more (hit F1 for help)

2013 Oct

  • better song list now
  • GUI is a little more straightforward with buttons

2013 Sep

  • RH,LH tracks' hold pedal is muted in learn,lead,follow modes so it doesn't clash with what you play. It only goes out in HearAll,HearMine.
  • editing tempo applies a % change for all tempo changes in song file
    (% is saved with song, tempo change events are always left as is)
  • UnXI - convert .xi files to .WAV files

2013 Aug

  • bugfix - drumtracks with control changes weren't being played right
  • bugfix - ReChord updated for new syn config

  • ** release 2013 Aug - bugfixes

  • bugfix - Sty2Song was making wrecked overlapping notes
  • bugfix - SYN was always being started if available which would kill Microsoft GS Synth. So that's back to working again.

2013 Jul

    ** release 2013 Jul 11 - bugfixes

  • now if things Die, debugging can be auto-uploaded if user says yes
  • setting one SYN dev OFF sets em all (n back)
  • new Mid2Txt.exe that scans your crappily named midi files in a dir (and all subdirs) for text events and makes a fix.bat file for renaming them (uncrappily)
  • PianoCheetah bugfix of stys adding extra }s to song Dsc

2013 May

    ** release 2013 May 28 - bugfix

  • DANggg - fixed bug that'd play ALL the NOTES since bar 1 upon hopping to a new song spot.
  • also help windows were popping behind main one:(

  • ** release 2013 May 26 - ReChord

  • ReChord (chord sequencer for an arranger keyboard) is ready to try!
    It uses 1st midi in device in MidiConfiger and midi out device of =same= name.
    (after install, exit out of PianoCheetah (you'll be "thrown into it") and find ReChord at Start => Programs => PianoCheetah => ReChord)
    off=>arm - sets start bar upon 1st recorded note
    arm=>record - on 1st note, start bar is set and we've GOT something
    (if no recorded events, it's back to "off" on manual mode change)
    record=>play - we've collected some notes so play em on out in a loop
    play=>off - all notes off; back to doing nothing

  • ** release 2013 May 22 - chordals

  • Lord willin' the bugs are fixed...:(

  • ** release 2013 May 20 - chordals

  • fixed bugs in the STABILITY release...:/
  • if you turn on global setting to show chordals, it works pretty well

  • ** release 2013 May 18 - stability?

  • MidiConfiger has browse toolbar button to get to SYN's dir of .WAVs

  • ** release 2013 May 10 - arranger

  • new ReChord test app - will eventually be a performance engine. But currently just dumps ALL midiin on 1st MidiCfg device to c:\ReChord.txt
  • Hop to bar 1 command now hops to start of loop (when looping is on)
  • .STY files in ..PianoCheetahSongs\SongClip\Style can be applied to a song with chords now. I've got some splainin' to do...
  • .txt format now understands leadsheets with
    F / / / | F7 / / / | C / / / | C7 / / /
    G7 / / / | F7 / / / | C / / / | G7 / / / (etc)
  • fixed devicetype bug

2013 Mar

    ** release 2013 Mar 23

  • Rats - fixed div by zero bug during install when downloading SYN
  • Drums display ok again. Keys in PianoNotes are a little bigger now.

2013 Feb

    ** release 2013 Feb 26

  • Nicer _HappyBirthday2.mid :)
  • Rats - midi files outside PianoCheetahSongs dir weren't being init'd right. Now defaults to hearAll,show tracks. Before they were all muted :(

  • ** release 2013 Feb 23

  • Hopefully, this release will be MUCH more stable...:/
  • If device scan skipped in MidiCfg, PianoCheetah looped. Just always do scan. PianoCheetah now stops with error.
  • Start of full fledged chord and style editing - currently only the chord editing works. Style based background tracks following chords will come soon
  • Rats - key commands may have been broke:/
  • Rats - _song.txt files were being overwritten as .mid
  • Rats - taking out RandomSong for now. Please delete \PianoCheetahSongs\Repertoire\RandomSong.mid.
  • making MidiConfiger list SYN first for output devices.

2013 Jan

    ** release 2013 Jan 31

  • Rats - bug in hilighting RH red in PianoNotes fixed

  • ** release 2013 Jan 13

  • F1 key now pops the help window
  • better global settings/song settings windows
  • new RandomSong with levels and keysig pickable from global settings
  • noteview type is a global setting so you don't have to keep toggling through them
  • loop position is remembered across save/load
  • chords aren't auto-calculated anymore. Now there's a command that (re)calculates / wipes chord symbols

2012 Dec

  • Tinkerer syncing taken out
  • relabeled learn modes for clarity - HearAll(new),play4me=>HearMine wait4me=>Learn sync2me=>Lead off=Follow
  • and sheetsync=>AutoFlip
  • Txt2Song !KSig= with flat key wasn't read correctly; new !text=*C#mM7 for chord symbols

  • ** release 2012 Dec 17

  • sync2me works -much- better now, but you're limited to 2 bars back/foreward hops - at least you don't get LOST any more
  • Mod2Mid now WORKS :) And it works GREAT !!
  • won't skip over () sections when in sync2me now
  • pops piano cfg dialog ONLY within keyboard header area now
  • syn - .wavs ending in _drum are unpitched, _hold skip release on noteUp, _clip do both
  • RandomSong.mid always sorts to end of Learning,Repertoire now

2012 Nov

    ** release 2012 Nov 21

  • PianoNotes has header area so green "now" at top SHOWs and you can see octaves better. Keysig put back in, too.
  • fingering dialog can swap a note to the other hand
  • made fingering have a white background to stand out better
  • SYN can load floating point .WAV files now

  • ** release 2012 Nov 05

  • new "guts" docs

2012 Oct

  • renaming WHOLE thing from PianoCheater to PianoCheetah and completely redesigning website - AAAAARGH !!
  • nicer release notes page :)

2012 Sep

  • made a yamaha_cvp303 devicetype - Yamaha Clavinova
  • finishin up SYN's SoundTracker soundbank - SHEEEEEEOISH :/
  • syn treats any multisamples as unpitched if sound name ends with _drum.wav (in addition to real drums somewhere in top drum dir)
  • now sorting tracks by "sound group" of track (keys/orch/bass/sndfx/drum)
  • fixed set local control off/on to only do midiins that have mout of same name this would leave local control back ON on a song change :(
  • new prios: finish,release syn; polish sync2me; add RandSong; polish std notation
  • new WavPlayer app for listening to a ton of .WAV files, showing their stats and playin em to preview em. (right click a dir in WinExplorer and pick "Play WAVs")

2012 Aug

  • redid the DANG videos (a quick stab is all i can afford fer now) n modernized pages a bit
  • starting a NEW half time project - SYN the second !!
    • sick of coding standard notation, so breaking into a COMPLETE software synthesizer rewrite
    • NO more soundfonts, any vestiges of fluidsynth will be GONE.
    • a program change now refs a dir of WAV files which can have key,velocity ranges.
    • done with loading WAVs, interpolation, mixing, n pan :)
    • done with filter, fx
    • instead of lfo n envelopes, will use "modWaves"
      (to be explained later:/)
    • Half my time still spent on standard notation.
    • MAKe that full time...!!
    • drum notes all have their OWN channel in syn now :)
    • eventually (once pianocheater/tinkerer can handle it) you'll be able to change fiterCut,Res,vol,pan,chor,rvrbSend on ANY drum note
  • chord recognition is better - taking bass notes into account more, tossed 9
  • accidentals are offset horizontally now instead of piling on each other
  • ties are curved and ALMOST right, but, hmmm... more to go
  • new Waver app for editing .WAV files and showing the samples (right click a .WAV file in WinExplorer and pick "Edit with Waver")

2012 Jul

** release 2012 Jul 28

argh - most notes weren't being natural'd - fixed durations and rests MUCH better ties within bar done ok now (for durs like 15/16 in bass) QUIte a bit better sheet music now :)

** release 2012 Jul 24

pianonotes were displaying 1 bar too far resulting in a octave=-1 display :/ fixed sheet music durs (and beaming) QUITE a bit now things are SORT of auto-quantized, but not really :/ (but, of course, more work to do there)

** release 2012 Jul 21

made piano background more plain, but still with red line, middlec thicker pianonotes show off-sheet red dots now (but not sheetmusic yet:/) making GREAT progress with calc'ing good durs and rests and beams !! (but, of course, more work to do there)

** release 2012 Jul 08

pianonotes has red line btw octaves now so it's easier to orient yerself. no more wait4me mode; wait4meEZ becomes wait4me flipped loop,trk pics on buttons to show CURRENT mode (so they're consistent w/ other buttons and MAKE SENSE:) killed another infinite loop bug having to do with paging :/

** release 2012 Jul 02

rats - when you pick an empty drumtrack to learn, infinite loop :( FIXED. new config option (click on pianonotes display somewhere not on a note) at end of a loop, now have option to swap between LH=>RH=>... and LH=>RH=>HT=>...

** release 2012 Jul 01

rats - bugs with loops; []() now drawn correctly loops init right and WORK

2012 Jun

** release 2012 Jun 20

pretty big changes to GUI - stripping it down to just the useful stuff should be a little easier to find your way around, although, eh, more work to do in this area... got a start on rests, but not that great yet looping - big changes... [] => () show green brackets - always active. change 1st to ) to NOT skip new [] mark loops directly; no autoLoopin bug spots; byebye bugs:( show ALL loops always; if loop=y, current one is hilited bold red loops CAN overlap [MainLoopA [SuffixA PrefixB] MainLoopB] but no loops completely inside other loops allowed each time [ or ] added or killed, recalc matching and ignored. ignored shows no red line; else red line; curr loop hilited; song sees (, hops forward to next ) song sees ] hops back to =paired= [ identify LH/RH tracks better if .mid came from HCX, mark RH,LH tracks and put in wait4meEZ also does this if track has right/treble or left/bass in the track name MidiConfiger stripped down to make it less confusing. it plays to midiout and shows midiin events now (in top window) general_midi => DEFAULT setting devType to OFF scoots it to end sends local control off on opening output dev when inp dev of same name is open. and always just turns local control on when closing a device. SETUP redone quite a bit for better handling of multiple users and making midi file dirs easier to get to from plain ole wihnders RepRpt is outa commission for a while - it'll come back pretty soon bugfixes leaving green now line at end of prev sheet row green recording lines in sheets would go way past end of bar hold recording line in pianonotes was wrecked another inf loop bug in paging sheetmusic

2012 May

** release 2012 May 20

inner ledger lines drawn correctly!! per standard, but sighhh.. but a HT track means no inner ledgers, NEEDs tracks to be hands seperate to show inner ledgers correctly pardon my nonstandardness of the sheet music while I figure out a good way to show your recording against the "to learn" notes...:/ using little LH,RH,HT icons instead of the dumb (non-obvious) keyboard icon now green dots expand to flicker when you're missing some track/notes splitter can be drug now - SHEESH that was tricky whether to view track control is now saved with the song corrected scale spellings in sheet music which meant handlin double flats - ARGH !! TONS of bug fixes :P especially would infinite loop OFTEN when setting a track to LEARN mode:( bug fixin has been murder lately :/ moved some of the dumb descrip stuff in Mid2Song to debug stream to keep it's junkiness outa the practice file

2012 Apr

** release 2012 Apr 29

sorry for so many releases lately, but it's WELL worth it this time :) ONE DANG WINDOW now :))) it's sooooooooooooooo nice !! SETUP now has a taskbar entry - whoops alot of pianocheater apps didn't :/ REMOVE now asks if you want to delete whole c:\wherever\pianocheater dir limited auto transpose to +-24 (used to be +-130 or somethin??)

** release 2012 Apr 22

made autolooping quit splitting loops on 4 bars so they're almost always joined unless there's a whole measure gap turned off pause capturing for autolooping - spare it - just wrong keys fixed keysig of CM,Am to use flats - oops ledger lines were a little messed up - still need to really do em, but later

** release 2012 Apr 14

multiple column pianonotes and multiple row sheetmusic DONE. (well, the basics work, much finesse-ing to do) Robotics is DONE - time to kick some butt FINALLY got the page flippin worked out - that was TOUGH !! sheet music now has juuust about everything pianonotes' got lame attempt at ledger lines to get em into the release, WILL improve em :/

2012 Mar
FIRST robotics takin prio... squishing max bars in when mixed sheetmusic/pianonotes

2012 Feb
FIRST robotics takin prio... got sheet music showin the red x n green o's now :) multi-row, multi-col mostly ok now :)

2012 Jan

** release 2012 Jan 24

fix to bug looping - if it can't find a silent spot within 3 bars of bug, it just uses bug position (again, just a minor update to current version)

** release 2012 Jan 19

SORRY - just a bug fix release - handles extra-ascii characters in midi device names better - you'll still have to rename your unicode filenamed midi files to use regular ascii instead of the tildes, etc.
makin good progress on multicolumn PianoNotes notation makin good progress on multirow SheetMusic notation TOO !! but much work to do still - probably a good month out :( slightly better chord recognition now

2011 Dec
big rewrite - multiple cols of pianonotes, multiple rows of sheetmusic sheetmusic gets red xs, green os, pink rec trails, etc, etc no more scrolling, pageflips now - so both notations WORK for acoustics. transparent green now line now :) workin on an algorithmic composer that'll put together infinite random songs for practicing sightreadin with

2011 Nov

** release 2011 Nov 07

sync2me is fiiiiiinally usable. YOU control time, not the timer within pianocheater. Playing a song too fast scoots you to the notes early. Playing too slow pauses for ya. But tempo changes are recorded to play your rubato back EXACTLY. If you messup, pianocheater will hop to where you're actually playing on the fewest # "note sets" possible. If the song has few repeats you MAY be able to autohop to any part of the song just by playing the notes. Most songs have repeats and will hop to the first of the repeats. In MOST songs, you can autohop +- 2 bars. In Some, +- 8 bars. In Some very not repeating songs, you can hop ANYwhere :) judgement/AutoLoopFinder works (read up below, please).

2011 Oct
STILL tuning sync2me's autohop, but we're gettin' close :/ also trackin down loopin/judgement bugs :/ bug fix - pcheater was diein' when a marker had # in it (but not a sheet rep#)

2011 Sep
pianocheater draws overlapping notes WAY better now (in pianonotes AND sheetmusic displays) this also fixes a lot of sheetmusic problems with "held way too long"notes and notes of same duration are grouped better in sheet music now but still much to do in sheet music notation view velocity scaling was messed up - it's aaaalmost PERFECT now sometimes the scaling would CRANK some of the velocities to max - feexed judgement (autoLoop'ing) tossed out manually marked []s now [ and ] mark EASY areas to SKIP (drawn in green) sorry, but ya gotta edit your songs and reverse the [] areas now :/ loop=hop goes away the "easy [] hops" ONLY happen in wait4me* modes when loop=n manually mark loop by clicking juuust to left of PianoNotes right border this drops in ladybugs and loops will be autowrapped around em. when loop=n, in wait* n sync2me modes, if wrong ntDn is hit or pause>quarternote, time is silently MARKED (for when loop=y) when loop=y, loops are created grouping up these times with manual "ladybug times" groups bad times next to each other but tries to keep loops < 5 bars. current loop shows redx, greenlight for wrongKeys, pozs respectively (in rightmost area of pianonotes) SORTED by worst to "not so bad" according to ladybugs sorted by time, then # distinct messup times in loop (bad keys weited 2x pauses) so manually picked, then WORST FIRST timeBar1 hops to loop #1 timeSect> hops to next worst (not as bad) loop (wrapping back to worst) timeSect< hops to prev (worser) loop (wrapping to least worst) SO THE IDEA IS... you mark off areas you don't care to practice with green []s manually moving ] from end of song back to beginning to practice from end to beginning (so most practice is of "climax" of song, not intro) play thru song with loop=n turn loop=y and cycle thru the loops and practice em. if you find a loop particulary useful for practice, drop a ladybug in an empty area to expand loop and make it PERManent. also, click on a redx,greendot to kill em and shrink loop. move green ] a little further back and repeat with loop=n, etc, etc key commands for F keys below f10 were messed up - feexed took out whole recNext thing - will have step entry recording later :/ fixed an infinite loop bug in Tinkerer if more than 255 lyric entries :( bugfix - song wouldn't be removed from learn list in songlist window if it happened to already exist in zDone dir

2011 Aug

** release 2011 Aug 24

making more progress on sync2me's "find any riff anywhere" part ;) eh, so far gotta limit it to 2 bars back n 4 bars forward it's still not done, but it's time for a releeeEEEASE ah RATS, pianocheater's SETUP was broke - MidiConfiger was still ref'ing to - blew up on soundfont download :( feexed.

2011 Jul
(sorry - no release yet till more stuff is stomped) reordered the commands (sorry) and added new "arp" and "listen" commands :) arpeggio generator makes a new track of arpeggios for the song based on chord calcs param'd, but pretty static for now, randomization later (don't try to practice these unless you're CRAZY:) hit cancel to clear out the arp track when it starts drivin ya nuts new "listen" command IFF loop=y, learn=wait* or sync2me, save current learn mode; set learn=play4me; hop to [ on hop back at ], restore learn mode mousewheel scrolls time like in tinkerer's bar edit control this can get annoying cuz mouse events queue faster than drawing can happen...:/ make sure main window's keyinput control or pianonotes or sheetmusic is active. If songlist is active, you'll scroll thru the songs :) show chords mode now puts a big O by bass of chord and . on chordals no marking for non chordals within scale / on accidentals (outside the scale) "to learn" drum notes weren't being drawn right still show on "keyboard now" display, but oh well :/ will need similar "drum now" display eventually when paused and not in a wait4me mode, playing notes unpauses ya now instead of recording a bunch of notes with note on/offs at same time :/ fixed bug not showing red pause rect in time display sometimes :/

2011 Jun
rats - one last bug tweak (please redownload if ya got it yesterday=6/24 :/)

** release 2011 Jun 24

first part of SYNC2ME is workin :) when playing against "to learn" track(s) you don't need to play perfectly. you can miss notes here and there and time stays sync'd to YOU. your rubato is recorded as tempo changes and notes stay on the beat. The display's current time syncs to YOU. this is for SAVing a recording with YOUR expression (rubato, velocity). unfortunately, if you make mistakes, etc, pianocheater can lose where you are - workin on that part now - pretty tough :/ eventually, you'll be able to play any riff to hop right to that part of the song (or where it occurs next) added artic to fingering . stacatto 1/4 ' stacattisimo 1/100 :) - tenuto/portato 1/2 legerrio is default=3/4 (means lightly) > marcato loud added Fz (fortissimo) to dynamics dialogs oops - fixed help buttons in pianocheater,tinkerer (new urls now:) finally stomped down all the "mode buttons" so they only show if there's something to set, and have decent defaults and you can turn any window OFF and such stuphs stomped many bugs RepRpt problems due to not using passive ftp - feexed for bmp sheetz, often wasn't starting at page 1 :/ fixed infinite loop bug that'd happen due to lyrics probs loading a practice song always focuses key input control now if just listening, songlist (initially) gets focus when split notes happen, (a notedown with no noteup or visa versa) pianonotes are drawn better now. when changing learn mode, it no longer unpauses. Seems more helpful to "stay put" when changing learn modes also changing learn mode was doing a recWipe NOT good when you're listening to a recorded song with learn left on :( ALSO when loop=hop, it was doing a recWipe. (also NOT good for listening to a recorded song)

2011 May

** release 2011 May 29

FULL SCALE lyrics are DONE now shows full 4 lines of hilited text if lyrics have "returns" else a scrolling hilited single line adding lyrics: copy lyric stanzas off one of the jillions of lyrics sites turn on tinker syncing with eye icon in pianocheater, now pcheater pastes bar# to clipboard open lyrics in text editor cursor to start of first line when pianocheater plays bar where this lyric starts, PASTE - to put in bar# scoot cursor to start of next lyric, etc, etc put LYRIC in first line of text file. open THAT song in pianocheater either with winexplorer to get just it or open pianocheater, scoot to song JUST before it in list. in text editor - select all, copy, in pianocheater, pick that song to load it. BOOM, your song has lyrics. last of the neon over black text is GONE...:) some nice big time,tempo displays now now preserving song/recording velocity ratio when you play a note not matching the "to learn" track events used to be resetting it making volume skyrocket on background tracks when you played a note not in "to learn" tracks song/sound rating dialog height fixed when hiding sound rating

** release 2011 May 24

ARGH, download song pack thing is fixed now (due to website change:/)

** release 2011 May 22

pianonotes/sheetmusic drawing (threading) issues fixed was causing notes to be underdrawn, overdrawn n such :( always draw white notes first, then black (on top) for proper overlap PianoNotes moved settings out of MidiConfiger and onto PianoNotes window. You'll need to re set your settings: click on top piano keyboard to pop the settings dialog sub-dialogs are auto-positioned now dynamic/txt dialog and sheetmusic scribble dialog both have all the usually needed markings: . stacatto (has to be o to show on sheetz) ~ arpeggiated chord :( TOUGH (to work on) spot [ ] brackets to delimit the "fracture" areas (tough whole areas) but you still gotta use other text... like a left hand stacatto section, I go: LH . - where it starts and then | where it ends etc, etc, etc...:/ editing [ and ] now refresh "outside brackets" when loop=y RepRpt redo for new website format fixed bug where it wasn't sending .PNGs SETUP assoc pianocheater with *.txt files...:/ more uninstall info on vista,win7 doin HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\* entries now :/ toss out "sections" (kind of behind the scenes stuff Steve needed to do) only markers now w #2, #3 suffix, etc section dialog killed outa pianocheater unroll killed outa tinkerer (lots of cleaner code in everything now:) Txt2Song fixes txt2trak=>txt2song with !name=, !sound=, Unroll in .txt file now... pianocheater,tinkerer,etc load *song.txt files, but *.txt is ok for included files like drumtracks, etc

2011 Apr

** release 2011 Apr 29

PianoCheater bunch of (very difficult) optimizations to drawing PianoNotes display so it doesn't chew cpu so tweaked midi config's options dialog since we don't need refresh thing add color notes by scale/off (by velocity later, too) fixed terrible bug in note durations for sheet music changing RH,LH in track display wasn't refreshing PianoNotes' color MidiConfiger - was resetting wasapi.cfg on each run - which would turn it off if syn still had it at last sec :( moved it to redo logic (if you get a RATS about syn.exe not there, refresh midiconfiger)

** release 2011 Apr 22

MidiConfiger has a new config dialog for some wierd configs (wrench toolbar button) show min keys or FULL keyrange on pianonotes screen chord position #s can be toggled on/off millisec timer period refresh speed for PianoNotes window
a little streamlining of the songlist dialog listen only vs. practice songlist radio buttons spec which songist to load right clicking dir in win explorer => listen to all songs in that dir else if any practice songs => practice else if none => listen to songs from last time else if no songs from last time, pop songlist dialog (no more load/save songlists biz)

** release 2011 Apr 20

PianoCheater labelled bar in pianonotes display you can pick new device by click in Play column of track display now :) sound will be remapped to new dev, else set back to GM AcousticGrand BASSMIDI driver support it's lame API won't do sysex so I tweaked pcheater to not send it (for bassmidi device only) it's XP only - don't bother with bassmidi on Vista or better on Vista or 7, it's latency is noticable and my SYN softsynth's is way better ;) MidiConfiger starting it from PianoCheater also exits PCheater now (post save) (too many wierd dependencies need to be reloaded) and whenever MidiConfiger exits, it starts PCheater uses OFF as a deviceType now (so don't need seperate on/off column) always does a save upon command dialog,main dialog exit (less hassle) bug fixes: SETUP app on XP had some BAD probs I've hopefully fixed I suspect people couldn't get past install - especially on xp. If anyone notices bugs during install PLEASE TELL ME!! grovel, grovel chord calc - wasn't using keysig to get flat/sharp correctly when loop=y was setting wrong boundary when at end of song sheetmusic when SheetSync=n, wasn't ever drawin calc'd sheetmusic:( natural/sharp/flat not scooted past fingering ties on unquantized songs were really messed up - fixed much as i could scribble on bmp sheets needed to repos when window resizes had only re-resolution'd per screen res - FEEXED (except still not behaving right with mouse click biz)

2011 Mar

** release 2011 Mar 25

sheetmusic I know I've said it before, but NOW the updating problems are ACTUALLY FIXED !! (that was brutal:O) ALL PianoNotes info is shown in sheetmusic window: fracture []s, chords, dyna, holdpedal green bars on notes show playing duration (kinda like pianonotes)

** release 2011 Mar 23

pianonotes - wider white keys over where they cover black keys now sheetmusic - shows Major/minor by keysig when loop=y, loopBgn set to 1st silent time at least a half bar before [ loopEnd set to 1st silent time after next [ or ] thicker brackets show these positions so that you can practice lead in and lead out of the "drilled" section recording "takes": from songlist dialog, create new song - pick 4_4_4.mid (make other songs for other timesigs with drumtracks, etc similarly these are stored in \pianocheater\song\Init\ dir) when song has no "to learn" tracks and Loop=y, it assumes you're recording live and plays one bar before the [ you record from there till you mess up. If you record no notes, it loops back and pauses, else it replays what you've just recorded recNext command scoots [ to last note if already on last note, (pressing it 2nd time,etc) it "backspaces" killing notes to the previous silent spot make SURE you switch rec track back to non-recording before exiting song or that recording is GONE :( this recording mode is still almost as hard as playing the song live. so step entry will be coming along some day. SongList screen after adding a new song, shows it in stats window too for editing keeps pos in practice list (right side) better and keeps curr selected song refreshed in stats window bug fixes: SYN was havin probs with drum pitch (snare would play at too high a frq) just playing a song in Recorded\ made a new junky .mid with today's date Cmd NtUps (unpaired noteup events) needed to be filtered 8cDn 4f#Dn 8cUp 4f#Up recorded last 4f#Up :( simlar prob on loop end with notes down - FEEXED

2011 Feb

** release 2011 Feb 24

rats, bug fix to view button (piano/sheet=>sheet/piano=>pianonotes=>sheetmus) and sheetmusic still does have problems, but it's usable IF the song is quantized already. more fixes to come.

** release 2011 Feb 23

have loop=y,n,hop now n - play whole song as usual hop - tough areas marked with [ ] play tough area, autohop over easy parts to next tough area, etc y - drill a tough area from [ (picked by timeSect<,> commands) to next ] or 2nd [ (to practice into next section) eh, email me for a better explanation. i'll get it doc'd eventually gave pianonotes dynamics dialog some [ ] :( buttons so ya don't gotta type em sheetmusic notation window is MUCH better behaved now It should finally be USEable bugfixes lots of "refresh"ing probs fixed should always be correct height for all notes in song now hacked in some fixes to problems with gui and background thread both stomping on windows :/ found wrong keysig sometimes, and not eliminating accidentals correctly divide by 0 sometimes during bar width calc :(

** release 2011 Feb 14

oh the awesomeness of bein' laid off :))) added view=PianoNotes, SheetMusic, Piano/Sheet, Sheet/Piano and these AUTOMATICALLY size the DANG windows so this is no longer a PAIN in the BUTT when you switch from one hand to other to both (h) Or when you change which windows you want. Now they're auto sized NICEly :) added heel U and toe ^ to fingering for organ feet tracks made an app to help me create sound.txt files for diff midi devices easier. sounder - devtype\sound.txt maker load progch bankhi banklo CustomSoundname save gmname\custom_soundname progch bankhi banklo custom_soundname except 1st custom_soundname of gm group (progch) has no \custom_sn suffix (maps to pure gm) bug fixes: Song2Mid was putting in too many programchanges. this would occasionally cause empty tracks to get added on EACH load in PianoCheater,Tinkerer. Over and over - an extra track each time:( Tinkerer progchange control was drawn as line graph instead of ` mark:( took out Sync2Me mode completely - it's an idea who's time has GONE :/ it's good stuff will be incorporated into wait4meEZ eventually

2011 Jan
added a default ascii keymap to install new command - hand - to swap which tracks to learn (marked w LH,RH prefixes) between learn left hand, right hand and both it's a handy command (get it? SORRY!!)

** release 2011 Jan 08

possibly last release for 6 weeks - starting FIRST Robotics Team 1778 :) sheetz scribble - click on scanned sheetz to add "scribbles" buttons for quick stuff (fingering,loudness,markers) else you enter whatever text you want click and drag to move em. right click to delete em. chord notes are marked now 1 = bass of chord. 2,3,4,5 mean 2nd,3rd note of chord, etc (shows chord inversion) x means non chord outside the keysig png/bmp sheets would die with "out of memory" cuz I wasn't freein bmp mem fixed!! track mode has pretty lil icons now (green play tri, red x mute, keys learn) now all piano tracks are colored per LH / RH prefix L=blue,R=red (drum=green) right clicking track name (while NOT editing) toggles prefix to RH>LH>none> defaults learn mode to play4me when .mid not from pianocheater remembers last learn= mode when all tracks go to non-learn restores it when any track goes to learn sheetmusic and pianoroll windows now do pc keyboard commands if they have keyboard focus (don't NEEd to focus on little icon by songlist in main window any more) Tinker wasn't redrawing screen correctly - fixed :/ Took out sync2me mode - just not ready for prime time :/

2010 Dec

** release 2010 Dec 12

BEDBUGS !! These bugs are all fixed: - problems with Vista,Win7 Conexant cards still - when editing fingering,dynamics on pianoroll screen, not showing them till a refresh - window height sizing wrecked due to new tracks list And saves sheets window dimensions relative to screen w,h so moving to a pc with lower,higher res looks the same (during piano lessons:)

** release 2010 Dec 11

scooted keyboard to top with keysig,octave,midc,hilite symbols label octaves at G too red xs,green lights stay at "now" - green line and fingering on top of green light track control much glitzier now can edit track name, sound directly now instead with dialog i think I've got color stepping and ranging nailed finally took out UPD.exe cuz of hassles with virus checkers - no auto checks no mo :( fixed WASAPI check so people with lame Conexant soundcards can still use PianoCheater on Vista+ - those things don't do WASAPI:(

2010 Nov

** release 2010 Nov 06

i think SYN.EXE is finally ok !!! we lose soundfont hardware support, but gain softsynth capability but, ya gotta have Vista or Win7 - sorry - here's an excuse to upgrade? ;) but it WILL work well on a plain jane soundcard !! (I'm on a crappy RealTek and it works GREAT) I dump a song's full bank of sounds at once now (WAY faster than writin' to soundblaster api) currently still doin 16 bit although 24 bits are in it's future moved timer to syn.exe when vista or better - xp uses mm timer still that's some HARD CORE code there;) fixed up a way to SEE what's happening during the FRACKIN COMPLEX control mapping process: (sliders, pedals, knobs, buttons, etc, etc) create a non empty file called {whereverYaPutIt}\pianocheater\rats.txt download DebugView from and run it during pianocheater sessions. NOW you can see controls being processed by pianocheater and how the mapping occurs :) (and maybe a few more informative things in the future) rename or delete rats.txt when done debugging - it SLOWs things down:(

2010 Oct

** release 2010 Oct 02

calc'd sheetz got ties in there now (just straight green lines, not too pretty, oh well) STILL need to get NONquantized songs to show up ok :/ but SYN.EXE awaits!! ;) showing bar #s now; staff lines stop on last bar now (don't keep goin) fixed bug when right partial beam kills rest of bar new fingering,subbeat format to be more compat w other editors :( append note,num/den to current str (,4b# or ,3/16) add check for correct prev event fixed bug in pianocheater's save when nonexistent device has no sound :/

2010 Sep

** release 2010 Sep 22

page flipping on calc'd sheetz WERks now manual and sync'd - when synced, green noteheads show playin notes! Ash helped me find an insidious bug with storing fingering and subbeats in midi files - other sequencers can change these events' order so I'll need to rethink how I'm storing these. But for now, I'll just check that the previous event was indeed a note or timesig before STOMPing on it.

** release 2010 Sep 16

KC sez the timer's 2x too slow - try on xp at home - good grief :( back to oooole multimedia timer :/ Can't even get AT ole DMusic timer now - THANKS microsoft :( beams split on beat now fixed grid display on calc'd sheets

** release 2010 Sep 15

new timer may not ALWAYS be capable of 1 msec dep on machine :( fixed new time calc to take less capable machines into account might fall back to DirectMusic timer...:/ put Rand() back in which i had to take out for 9/12 release to compile :/

** release 2010 Sep 12

fixin stupid .dll needs of vc2010 - compiler/linker settings from hell fixed new win2000+ timer fixed green lines during sheetz flipping (sometimes)

** release 2010 Sep 12

move to vc2010 express,resedit too:/ got ledger lines in (just on 4c, 2c-e, 4a-5c, else usin 16va/b) accidentals are displayed correctly now keysigs/timesigs are followed religiously now in pcheater (tinkerer still needs to edit em perfectly-er) startin' on beams!

2010 Aug

** release 2010 Aug 22

fixed x magnification bug causing a lot of songs to show NO sheet music got x offsetting of stems on same track same time in if track name starts with R, stems below middle c will always go up L above down

** release 2010 Aug 14

fixed bug in MidiCfg - buffer for downloading devices wasn't BIG enough :( live transpose (+/- halfsteps) stored w/ song and gui'd now sort of "bracketted up" keysig symbols a bit also, if keysig happens for notes "coming down the pipe", solfege colors will swap to the new keysig/scale (on future notes) GOOD start on stems and time spacing for sheet music display!

2010 Jul

** release 2010 Jul 28

SORRY !! :) if SETUP can't find txtfile in registry, just forget those file exten assocs (instead of SETUP just dieing with a confusing error) stomped the bug makin Tinker&bmp sheet display flicker 16X during bar refresh

** release 2010 Jul 27

RATS - velocity adjusting happening on recording tracks :( - feexed :/

** release 2010 Jul 26

added background track noteon velocity adjusting (per recording) to wait4me:) HAD to change color scheme again - keysig and note roll looks WAY better now

** release 2010 Jul 24

scale colors now and cute little red Xs and green dots colors are kinda CRAZY now, but -kind- of cool...;) jury is still out on whether it stays in future note area... so tonic is always red, dominant tone is cyan, leading tone pink, etc. have a start on standard notation - if song has no sheet .bmp, clicking sheetsync button shows (really lame so far) standard notation :) time<sect now works for loops similar to time>sect now loop docs on TrickyParts page now

** release 2010 Jul 11

too quick to release: loop>sect didn't work if on very START of curr loop :(

** release 2010 Jul 09

Got start for a chord labeler. More to do on it, but ok start if bass is #/b, use #/b per ksig bugfix - songlist dialog's Copy2Learn wasn't making sheet dir :( now "ToDo!" is cleared when song has some practice notes oops - only way to reshow a closed sheet window is to reload song :( - feexed fixed bug that'd put Learn window off screen (occasionally) :/ start of a sheetz display of midi - oh noes... got scale calc'd, standard dur symbols next... sheetsync and learn mode => buttons finally fingering shown ON kbd now (instead of being obscured) save sheetpos window in .mid now (no more windowpos.cfg in .bmp dir needed and used for calc'd sheet wndo) looping tricky sections mark sections with dynamics comments (right area of fingering edit screen) [ means start tricky section ] means end tricky section if Loop=y, song hops to 1st tricky section and loops it use time>sect to hop to next tricky section fixed songlist bug - when saving a non prac.songlist, it'd still recalc and go back to prac.songlist middle c has a cool little symbol now "naka"

2010 Jun

** release 2010 Jun 17

Jammed a lame-ish foreign language detector in SETUP - a hack, but oh welllll shortened MidiConfig'er's CmdKeymap config screen (for teeny screens)

** release 2010 Jun 14

RATS - something wrong with SongDL getting it's songpack argument it's empty sometimes :( fixin THAT now :)

** release 2010 Jun 13

fixed leftmost white note x offset problem RATS - bug fix - SETUP => MidiConfig'er => death cuz no device.txt shows "died" error message cuz check happens before initial creation of device.txt - fixed n rerelease :/

** release 2010 Jun 11

redid a LOT of docs and screenshots - bleh :P PianoCheater/MidiConfig'er now you can map regular pc (qwerty) keys to edit commands in MidiConfig'er in pcheater, press tab to move from songlist to "keyboard inputter" press esc to toggle between command layout and note layout modes note layout plays notes from pc keyboard, else does command map (shown in help screen). PianoCheater new SongList dialog button to create a .mid from scratch (copies a template midi file to Learn dir and names it) copy2learn autoconverts .song+.txt => .mid now when moving a learn song to rep/zDone, asks if you wanna automark it DONE. keysig wasn't displaying correctly sometimes timesig wasn't showing correctly on main screen sometime due to subbeats MidiConfig'er made DeviceType downloader :) devictype names are now in the FULL manufacturer_model format GenMidi => general_midi, SFont => soundfont, cp33 => yamaha_cp33, etc have a FULL precreated downloadable soundfont device now !! ripped out sound, ccout, and global cc editing spare it, just doc .txt file format. RepRpt completed my FULL repertoire into midi files now! yeah! a little prettier (some might say uglier:) uses userinfo txt now collapsible sections now (but links can't find a collapsed section dest) SFontEditor SFontBank that compiles \Device\soundfont\sound.txt NOW happens when PianoCheater boots it (cuz SF2Rip has been run in past) Mid2Wav lives again!! bugs w/ timesigs feexed:)

2010 May

** release 2010 May 23

PianoCheater songlist dialog now has "song pack downloader" :) RepRpt can upload ALL the songs in your Learn and Recorded dirs !! (including sheets/midis/recorded mp3s!) giving you your own repertoire website :))) sheet scrolling was too harsh on my eyes - changed to "flipping" one bar before page change, half of new page shows on top of current with a "half frame" showing if it'll be scooted down or other half is just drawn with no scoot needed this needs to be DOC'd...:/ manual scrolling just does a straight page left/right

** release 2010 May 06

PianoCheater new learn=wait4meEASY(no hold) don't need to hold notes, just hit initial note ons - for those messy held note songs and so you can play slop :) now stamps pract stats with today upon 30 recorded events. for both midi AND sheet songs now. new song stats dialog within songlist dialog for editing song stats. practice, daily notes, revisit, default tempo, etc click on a practice song to get to it. tossing out top level descrip dialog since stats dialog works better make the vertical text (lyrics/dynamics) in learn display a little bigger

2010 Apr
Tinkerer bugs - copy/paste - drums not recog'd, up velocity of 0 not loaded PianoCheater track mode now toggles from off=>?=>#=>off (new order - easier for learn) Learn window size now saved in .mid and NOT init'd too skinny still need to size it to save pos tho :/ wait4me now shows new notes to press as green even if already held down from prev notes (instead of blue) fixed bug not displayin leftmost key to press

** release 2010 Apr 04

best release EVER !! :) pianocheater - BIG display changes - now looks AWESOME !! keys are beautifully hilighted but, it's kinda, umm, LOUD :/ More to do on this... But it's pretty cool also shortened lastpracticed comments tinker - copy,append,paste,replace funcs and new clip text format for perl song2mid/mid2song - fixed bug w timesig subbeats

2010 Mar

** release 2010 Mar 21

Adding keysig and timesig-subbeat support pcheater shows keysig now, uses timesig subbeat instead of song descrip sb tinkerer can edit em (and finally shows subbeat) sync2me mode will now search whole song when 4 NtDns don't match next notes now song can have revisit= in notes and practice list will be sorted special: normal sort by filename, but if in Learn or Rep dir, max pract date is picked out of notes revisit= is picked out of notes if song should be revisited, it's sorted to top else just sorted by max pract date so song practiced longest ago sorts to top this way, pianocheater keeps track of which song to practice FOR you. made fingering window pop NEAR where you click RepRpt cleaned up a bit and now lists matching Recorded\* and source=

** release 2010 Mar 07

pretty piano keyboard in learn window now...:) learn window shows drum notes too click in learn display on a note to EDIT FINGERING now :))) and on right side to EDIT/insert/remove DYNAMICS NOTES (same thing as lyrics for now...)
2010 Feb

** release 2010 Feb 28

new Learn=Sync2Me !! bg tracks follow you in the song no matter how uneven your tempo, etc. bg track velocity will match your recording velocity tempo syncs to the tempo you're playing live NICE for when you get notes,rhythms down and want to work on EXPRESSION fixed bug where wait4me was LEAVING vol=0 on bg tracks so if you ever toggled learn through wait4me you'ld never hear bg tracks:( and my dang DscUpd func was putting in dup learn= and sheetsync= lines :( got start for hold pedal display in learn mode fixed prob w learn display when held notes go across sections in REC tracks

** release 2010 Feb 14

fixed bugs quite a few problems found with control mapping most notably hold pedal causing tempo to go SUPER fast :( control handling is MUCH more stable now. always reloaded practice\* even if saved non prac.songlist :( vastly improved Die() you'll see ;) PianoCheater's SongList dialog has new "repertoire report" at least it's a start... SongList dialog now STOPS song, cuz to delete/rename a prac song that's already LOADED won't work cuz it gets saved w/ old name again later:/ Tinker fixed broke print preview - STILL memory hoggin', but oh well :/ NoteFix now dumps all events to DbgView: so you can hunt for problem notes

** release 2010 Feb 01

fixed bug in Mid2Song adding extra tracks if a "from pianocheater" .mid tweaked docs some more

2010 Jan

** release 2010 Jan 21

PianoCheater ? tracks are colored in track display now to match learn mode display new learn=play4me that solos the ? tracks while showin em so now off=> play4me(preview difficulty)=> show2me(rec live to tempo)=> wait4me(learn notes,fingering,rhythm)=> sync2me(MY tempo,dynamics) fixed bug showing extra recorded notes in learn mode fixed bug in tracking current section of sheet music Tinkerer when notes are colored by track,sound this shows in colored tracklist now fixed NoteFix to elim completely dup notes while fixin pointed PianoCheater,Tinkerer to new help web docs SETUP - new checkbox for OPTional file associations

** release 2010 Jan 10

stomped MAJOR bug in Die() if anything doesn't work in SETUP_PIANOCHEATER.exe, Die used to go into an infinite loop and die silently leaving user to think everything's cool And since setup didn't complete, none of the apps will run without a Die() which means THEY go into an infinite loop and die silently :((( STOMPED the bug - MUCHO thanks to Bob Felice for his testing !! :))) good start on sync2me :) But still bein' debugged so beware ;) PianoCheater can edit Practice songs list gui-ly now (more work to go tho) finally gave Tinker a toolbar button for NoteFix NoteFix can now shrink note duration and scale velocities quieter :) rats - bug in Mid2Song always mutes DrumTracks in last release - feexed fixed Mid2Song bug (for saving .mid) - 2 drumtracks=infinite loop - feexed can't change page scrolling to happen in ONE beat per user request toooo fast for MY eyes to follow - maybe config'able later...:/ fixed some notes that disappear in wait4me mode when noteon went beyond oldest time shown toolbars now have a full 256 glorious colors;)

2009 Nov

** release 2009 Nov 19

if you're installing from a PREVIOUS VERISON of pianocheater, you'll NEED to copy your files in "whereever\Midi" to "whereever\PianoCheater" =after= new install and NOTE the new dir names in the PianoCheater dir without _ prefix and so much dir nesting now :/ tossed out worthless "oops" command :/ # (mute) for drum track - wasn't loading back into pchtr/tink

2009 Oct
took out SetThreadExecutionState (that turns off screensaver) for win9x compatibility major redo of piano and midi docs

2009 Sep
moved .cfg files to {PianoCheater}/device/etc dir so i can coexist with Vista stomped the crash during app close Wait4Me mode bug fix - wasn't echoing controls during pause lyrics now show in wait4me display so you can stick dynamics in there Sheet paging fixes

** release 2009 Sep 26

changed Die() since auto-email doesn't always work :( (Now opens an html error file to copy/paste into whichever email app) fixed Mid2Wav handling of drums, etc fixed manual forward scroll to go in increments so midi can go out fixed tinker bug when moving notes (moving too many to wrong spot:()

** release 2009 Sep 14

SFontEditor's toolbar now runs new Mid2Wav app :) Tinker bugfix - going into track/drum/control dialog n hitting InsRow = death

2009 Aug

** release 2009 Aug 22

fixed up MidiConfig'er to refresh EXISTING device list. (no more REtyping your device names upon adding devices, etc:) bug in MidiCfg picking CCMap column (possibly affected other areas too - that use my "table" class) Rats - drum clips weren't working since I added an extra dir :( oops - and Txt2Trak still had _Txt dir in it :( eh, might as well release again :/

** release 2009 Aug 16

setup.exe wasn't using gui picked program files path - fixed UPD.exe now pops's releasenotes renumbering octaves so 4 is middle c, not 5 allll the song files in .txt format needed to change :P aaand the screen shots :P aaand code everywhere...:P aaaaaaand SF2 ripping and glueing :(((((((((( which means re-rip all SF2s minor bug fix - rec>Dev was cycling correctly. my dang gpp3 pedal was sending rogue HOLD events and freakin me out >;( much work on Mid2Wav, but no dice yet :/

2009 Jul
renamed update.exe to UPD.exe to get around stupid vista UAC :( much work on Mid2Wav, but no dice yet :/

2009 Jun

** release 2009 Jun 29

Big huge bug in 20090628 :( fixed. gotta rererelease

** release 2009 Jun 28

rats - fixed broken tinkerer sync'ing yikes - fixed memory corruption bug in RecIns - a biggie - better rerelease

2009 Jun

** release 2009 Jun 18

fixed help toolbar button links :/ glitzed up ditty's track listing MidiCfg/PChtr can now map button controls to do_<EdCmd> functions and they show in help window fixed sheet music sync bug when hopping bars gave sheetsync a shared gui button w/ lrnMode since songs will have either one or the other, not both now if apps die, apps can auto email me (if ok'd by user) new OOPS! command kills current bar rec events, hops back to prev bar seemed like a good idea, but:( it's pretty tough to hear bar boundaries and pick up again - rats - may take out...

2009 May
docs galore updated - bleh :( FINALLY, back to writin' code :) manual sheet music turn cmds for when you're not yet ready for a metronome

2009 Apr

** release 2009 Apr 18

ok, time to STAMP release versions now (yyyymmdd format) first PianoCheater release!! somewhere around 3/4 of the way to 1.0 (first commercial release) stabilization/debuggin' period while i build new PianoCheater site, docs refresh - ARGH!!!

2009 Mar
Ditty=>PianoCheater scanned .bmp sheet music display - per line or per half page make dir with same filename prefix as .mid file put 0001_0004.bmp file for each scanned page 0001 is 1st bar on page 0004 is 1st fully shown (not chopped by page split) bar of 2nd half of page or if you have a .bmp per sheet music line, just name as 0001.bmp fixed default tempo which SHOWED 120 by WAS 110 for songs w/out tmpo cc descrip text for autogenerating music_practice.html: notes yyyymmdd Accomplishments/ToDoNext pract yyyymm dd dd dd dd dd (also) subbeat=3 (etc) opening descrip dialog auto-stamps notes,pract if today ain't there shutting it wipes any empty notes Tinker=>TinkerER ;/ is now single instance ONLY for PianoCheater invocations. You can bring up several tinkerers now, but PianoCheater only ever has ONE tinkerer open to show curr bar, etc Help toolbar button now repairs unpaired note events (on w no off, off w no on) dorky UI, but I'm in a hurry ;( (and still need to check for note overlap) makes teeny 2 click notes, but at least you can del/edit em now if no initial file given to load, loads song\_prep\init.mid if it exists repeating bar report was broke - fixed DrumTrak is part of tinkerer now ("Track Stamper" toolbar button) and can stamp bass tracks and other tracks, too now Txt2Trak (behind the scenes now - pchtr and tink call it) now does simple chords - trailing + for major, +- minor, ++ aug, +* dim, +7 dom7, +7- min7, +7+ maj7 +6 6th, ... PSetEdit=>SFontEdit it runs SF2Lst, SF2SFont and SFontBank from it's toolbar now

2009 Feb
complete overhaul of c:\MIDI directory structure. PLEASE rename your existing c:\MIDI dir to, like, MIDI1 =before= install!! bug fix in ditty it'd hang at end of song sometimes resizing section dialog didn't repaint right bug in init'ing controllers to chase bug fix in tinker copy and kill didn't handle markers/lyrics correctly copy had a bug scooting notes to right during copying tinker now has an "unroll" function to dup all repeated sections to prep such song for recording so you can record 2 verse variations, etc ditty scrapped "kill future rec notes" during time hop rec notes HAVE to be killed by command now song always loops back to start if any recording is goin on (or loaded from compose dir) learn @ mode's auto recWipe at end of song is off for now practice songlist always re-finded from song\_Practice dir now (minus done\ dir) recSave of a _Practice dir song saves to _Recorded changing songs/exiting/etc re-saves _Practice\*\*_rec songs learn mode is at song level now (off/wait/show) saved in descrip for now:( track mode is just whether it's a learn track (off/mute/learn) muteAll won't change REC or ? tracks now

2009 Jan

** release 2009 Jan 28

Last release of Ditty. Long live PianoCheater!! :) docs - aaaaaugh!!! (MidiCfg/Ditty commands/learn mode are better now) death in vista :((( Actually due to buggy code for "device already grabbed" redoin' learn mode display in seperate window resizable now and no more flicker fixed up autokill of rec events to kill from HopTo time till end of last sect pre Hop (optimising autokill to NOT kill off useful rec'd notes if song is sect'd) any looping can be done via sections changed green hilighting to middle of note for prac display now we got STEP and BEND ModifyCommands in MidiCfg's EDIT mapping so programchangers (that step from 0..#tracks+1) and pitchbenders can be used now have edit KEY - no more "help mode" - help window pops when edit is on more docs - auuuuuuugh!!! added commands to edit fingering while in @ mode. last key gets edited. eh, too painful to hop to next time to edit fingering for: yanked it out:/ bug fixin w time hopping in learn modes, and hopping to start at end of song Tinker can transpose now :) all notes btw bgn/end bars on sel'd tracks (doesn't do drum notes, of course) to transpose a small set of notes, you'll need to move em to their own track and select just that track, transpose and move em back (till I think of a better way to select subsets of notes)

2008 Dec
made ditty,tinker show beat/4 subdivisions hardcoded to /4 for now, config'd later...:/ more fixes to learn mode - workin better now learn mode goes across sections now fixed recording bug that would throw ditty into an infinite loop (rarely, tough to find, but STOMPED) oops - some bugs in songlist editing part of ditty - feexed and songlist is now saved across sessions (even if using prac.songlist) fixed some probs in learn mode at time=0 renamed TRAK ctrl back to EDIT added STEP ccMod to allow progchange to be used for EDIT ctrl made ditty not die when UPDATE.exe doesn't exist (some virus checkers whine) added subbeat= to song descrip as a hack to allow subbeat=3 (defaults to 4) made toolbar tooltips BIGGER and made em NOT go away fixed some probs w subbeat lines in learn mode not showin right changed "to play" note hilight to green instead of yellow made red dot in pause bar for note to hit (to turn green) fixed bug with sections during learn mode display

2008 Nov
learn mode (aka spoon feeder, aka pianohero) fixed up pretty good redoin gui and ditty's live editing via the keyboard major docs overhaul time again :/ made song picker, fixed randomness to not dup pick for AddTrack's default sound, you can set it sneakily via making a file in program files\Ditty\Ditty_Default_Sound.cfg (with the sound in it) hopping back in time while recording erases recorded events that are now "in the future" so you don't record notes on top of notes. It's done silently, but it's kinda necessary...:/ implemented first cc "mod" command - FLIP swaps from 0..127 to 127..0 in MidiCfg's input map in learn @ mode, now loops back to start at end of song

2008 Oct
Well, QUITE a few bug fixes :( :) Starting work on PianoHero mode... toggle mute to ? and check it out...:) (click just left of first char of track name: space => # => ? => space)

2008 Sep
MAJOR RELEASE with full controller mapping, device types, way less ID #s taking .song/.trak files OUT of the users' world for simplicity just .mid and .song/.txt now :) redid docs - PHEW !! .song file format changes - you may need to read the docs again, sorry :/

2008 Feb - 2008 Aug
a LOT of WORK...!!

2007 Dec
MAJOR surgery to ditty and MidiIO.cpp and all kinds of stuff. MidiGuy gets sucked into the hellish Song class...:(

2007 Nov
STABLE RELEASE NOT GONNA HAPPEN for a while - tons of code to rework finally got a decent table editor setup goin (w/ some minor ui annoyances:()

2007 Sep
putting off fancy controller remapping biz to get a stable release again :/ edit ctrl (prog change) can be on any channel now (on 1st inp dev of MidiCfg) any song in *Compose* dir turns on _rcrd now (so next song in playlist isn't hopped to at end of song) fixed bug w changing track sound - changing to an existing sound where the old one was used by other tracks broke the other tracks took out spoonfeeder for now - just not ready for primetime...:( took out mastervol,balance,tune in prep for real controller mapping

2007 Aug
redoing MidiIn and MidiOut classes and MidiCfg app for better controller mapping and handling of RPN,NRPN well, thinkin bout it anyway... when MidiIn dev ain't on or when in use, just do nothin. pop a Hey() Finally biting the bullet and converting docs to "shazware format". docs are now going to be only on the web - slims to 265K :) doc'ing my install/update details

2007 Jul
MidiCfg,Ditty,Tinker(all midi cfg using apps) had to change midi config settings - can't store multimedia ID in config file since it CHANGES when usb midi connection are added and removed :( Make =SURE= you run MidiCfg -first- if you're updating Ditty EditKey is now TOP key for editing on midi kbd and only on -1st- midiin dev in list

2007 May
DrumTrak automatically does Mid2Song/Txt2Trak and cleanup so you don't need to keep the .trak files around

2007 Apr
new docs for piano practice :) Ditty toggle mute (#) to ? to mark a track to learn keyboard is displayed and song pauses until keys are pressed/released to match (not sure this is useful...) docs update a bit for Txt2Trak

2007 Mar
Txt2Trak repeat count at end of a #include .txt file includes it that many times ex: #DrumPat\Click4 80 (will include it 80 x) new grace note dur of g ex: g 5e@ will create a legato 32nd note ENDing just before curr time (and won't bump time at all) new rolled chord via ~ prefix on dur ex: ~q 5ceg6c will start the e a 64th note after the c, then the g a 64th after that, etc, etc tweaked V0..9 to map to vel=1-127 not 0-127 - noteon velo=0 is defined as noteOFF by midi 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 => 1,15,29,43,57,71,85,99,113,127 note sure how to map PP,P,MP,MF,F,FF exactly...? PP,P,MP,MF,F,FF => V2,V4,V6,V7,V8,V9 Ditty looks for filename.txt matching .song file and calls Txt2Trak for you and kills off .trak when done squashed another sections time calc bug - was calcing tsig end time wrong note spoon feeder is done but i dunno if it'll be useful after all :((

2007 Feb
Ditty started dev on "note spoon feeder" mark track as a "pracTrak" via mute mode (normal->mute->prac->normal->...) when pracTrak, live keyboard displayed with next press/releases to do (WAY too fast to humanly follow, but it's a start) Tinker song files can now store FINGERING !! hover over MIDDLE of note with songcontrol in focus (==> is green) and then mousewheel changes fingering :) (similar to how you edit velo) has PRINT PREVIEW now :) (major addition to StvLib :) prints song title n page number now shows sound+dev assoc'd w track in check'd listbox now Txt2Trak - new fingering syntax: append [5] to the note. ex: q 5e@[23] DOCS refresh - Eeeeeyuck !! i hate doin that :P Mid2Song/Song2Mid saves fingering in .mid now (dang 2/28 one last bug fixed for this) non GM sound names preserved in .mid and restored to .song now preserving Copyright now (except for that dang non-ascii circle-c char)

2007 Jan
new Str class (no functional change - just easier for me - no more LIMITS:) UPDATE - new app that checks (only) weekly for a new version of ditty to D/L when booting ditty (no background task stuff!) sees if local version.txt is over a week old if not, exits if so, update version.txt's date to today (so no bugging for min of a wk) D/L 10 byte version.txt from sees if's version.txt is newer than local version.txt if not, exits if so, asks to D/L - if no, just copies new version.txt to local if yes, downloads new and exits Ditty/Tinker can load shorter times for lyrics,markers (ex: 1 = time 0, 1.2, etc) fixed time bugs w songs having tsigs not starting at time=0 Tinker color note by sound, too :) right drag to delete or moveTrack events within boundary (and fixed bugs - and some more)

2006 Dec
Tinker color notes by trakno as well as velocity now :) can save .mid format now (via new Song2Mid.exe) when saving specify .mid file ext to save in midi fmt can edit note on and off velocity via mousewheel while hovering fixed some marker/lyric editing bugs Mid2Song tweaks port meta event fixes removed track# from track names otherwise after multiple mid2song+song2mid's track names grow :P took trk# out of marker events (to be like lyrics)

2006 Nov
startin Song2Mid finally... bleh :P Tinker wasn't sorting quite right for notes that end and start at the exact same time (which shouldn't really happen, but oh well, that's .mid for ya)

2006 Oct
FIGURED OUT AudigyNotebook BUG!!! - can't reuse filenames for calced .SF2s!!! fixed Ditty/SFontSet to work w AudigyNotebook - ahhhhhhh :)

2006 Sep
just piano practicin

2006 Aug
Tinker can print now! prints columns of piano roll bars with notes oriented as on keyboard looks pretty good - a little diff than on screen, but good for making piano practicin' sheets

2006 Jul
end of job again - practicing and sound sorting and figurin out what to fixup ditty - rec'ing new drum resizes screen now ditty,tinker - oops - skippin comments again while loading not req'ing .beat.ticks for marker pos anymore ditty shows marker in titlebar now fixed bug w loading sections (verse2 was picking verse, etc) #bars was wrong for sections when last section ended, wasn't skipping to next song was hopping too early on last section of track

2006 Jun
SFontBank - added Y/N box for less wait (by skipping cleanup) Ditty - bugfix - rec'ing new drum snd not dumping to SFont dev did the sectionlist gui syncs tinker to "traktime" bar correctly now sf2SFont - deletes dup drum .psets now unfortunately in a random bank order (order the .sf2 has) but oh well Tinker - repeating bar report thingy can check more than 1 track now

2006 May
MAJOR DOCS OVERHAUL - YOU BETTER APPRECIATE IT !!! Txt2Trak - fixed some bugs and made it able to include files indefinitely w # ditty - niggling bug fixes Ditty/SFontBank - sorting sounds a little better (based on rating, too) thinkin bout tinker...

2006 Apr
Ditty Rate dialog will auto-rename _ sounds to without the _ and redo the dialog until you hit cancel. Makes sorting thru new sounds MUCH easier! new song rating of X and <nothing> now set up TrkEdit now lets you tack on new recording tracks for drums,melodic sounds better recording can now just play new drum keys to create new drumtracks can record multiple device/chans into particular tracks now new edit track name,sound dialog fixed bugs in time calcs for editctl of time Tinker FINALLY can tell ditty to SHUTUP with the bar position notifications SFontBank - wasn't creating _x dir so left unused .WAV files there - fixed

2006 Mar
EdiSn can now auto-chop-up a long wav of several songs by silent spots into individual wav files per song Ditty now strips common path prefixes outa filenames in the songlist (easier to read :) tweaked the ui layout a lot spiffed docs for Ditty to include keyboard mappings (plenty of em) sf2SFont now uses a _ prefix for the new pset files thrown into SFont dir ditty now sorts those to the end of the list per drum/inst rating a sound from _ to non _ leaves your current pos so you don't have to scoot all the way back to rate next sound FINALLY updating website !!! got my laptop networked - ahhh - can debug to desktop now plus nicer ALL around - shoulda done this looong ago

2006 Feb
debugging the stupid audigy notebook bug - arrrrrrrgh - can't reproduce it:(

2006 Jan
Ditty now does KEYS for (rather lame) midi input (finallly) z and row to right have low c notes (with sharps in row above) q and row to right have middle c notes (with sharps above) cursor down/up change the note velocity (default of 100) cursor left/right change octave (default of 4 for z row, 5 for q row) f1-f8 do toolbar buttons f9-f12 do arrow buttons (value editing for rightmost arrows) shift f9-shift f12 do leftmost arrow buttons sections basically work, but currently have no gui. i'm tired of em for now :( edit song by hand and put in SECTIONS: block with marker strings in order/reps desired - markers MUST be on a bar boundary currently ditty can skip forward/back a section via EdTime starting to organize my soundfonts (agaaaaain) sf2SFont puts converted (non gm default) .sf2 presets into SFont\_\SFPre\psetname.pset for non gm and SFont\_\GMDir\GMPre_SFPre.pset for gm nondefault SFont\Drum\_\grp\sym\sym_SFPre.pset for drums This way you can easily review the NEW presets in the _ dirs and kill em all off if you want or get em in the right GM dirs and move em to your main "all sorted out" dirs. want to work on somethin FUN so thinkin bout an "auto pitch bender" to take a sin/saw sfont inst and autogenerate pitchbend events to get that "monosynth sound"... Or die tryin... Or give up... Or -WHAT-everrrr...

2005 Dec
still goin...

2005 Nov
working on sections of markers marker ctrl changes split sequence in time sections (in .song file) list sections (delim'd by markers) to play the song parts (verse, chorus, bridge, etc) in any order/reps many changes to ditty timing, a few minor changes to tinker, mid2song

2005 Oct
Ditty debuggin done i theen back to EdiSn better display w mag and no reaccessing huge diskspace for right wav playfrom/to fixed plenty of bugs, etc

2005 Sep
done debuggin' ??? added ability to cache soundfont presets of WHOLE playlist (for fast playback instead of flexible editing, etc)

2005 Aug
still debuggin' :(

2005 Jul
still debuggin' :(

2005 Jun
pretty big rewrite to cache devs/snds between songs

2005 May
FINALLY got an Audigy 2 - no midiport??? WHAT everrr... still got my live Ditty - corrected picking the right sf device# - oops bug fix SFontSet - ditto MidiCfg - tweaked for less mess

2005 Apr
tinker Copy WORKS now! pick barBgn,End w [], hover to dest bar, click + handles mastervolume/masterbalance ditty load is interruptible now - no more WAIT if you scroll thru tons of songs many speed improvements on the way :) Pause WORKS now :) click time display or use synth kbd also a goto bar #1 in EdTime songlist remembers current pos automatically now (w a > in the txt file) fixed bug in song rating saying new file exists when it doesn't :/ new editctrls for masterVolume,Tune,Balance sf2sfont - made main .WAV variable dynamic so low RAM folks can use it :)

2005 Mar
fixed sound rating bug during delete - it WORKS :) TONS of new ideas from Dominique Paon - my brainz a-swimmin' what to do first... hmm... thinkin time...:) timing glitches have been due to background UI bmp tiling :( spare the gui glitz till i figure out why... thinkin bout using events in midiguy rather than msgloop tinker gui for copying a clip is there but doesn't do anything yet fixed del bug, spare doin copy till timer pausing in ditty is workin gave LED display a pause indicator (red box) made timer "pause"-able, gotta hook up UI tho

2005 Feb
Ditty can rate sounds now. gave SFontBank a little better status

2005 Jan
RATS! Tinker was broke, too... save file died, no sounds during trak insert Wasn't doing MidiDev.Load since squishin exe size :( ok now :) PSetEdit didn't load .pset files via winexplorer fixed and added a "kick off edisn" button sf2sfont was broke? recompiled it and it works now... Whaaa? got a bunch of new .sf2s from - mergin em into my collection... updating docs - bleh :P

2004 Dec
EdiSn - save WORKS now displays all pos's in minutes:seconds.samples format
2004 Nov
EdiSn - got bgn,end,loopBgn,loopEnd displayed now got an editable pos now (for setting the above)
2004 Oct
found new job - contracting again :/ No time for nothin

2004 Sep
changed del icon to a "rate" icon to rate, rename and delete a songfile :)

2004 Aug
changed the del icon of ditty to actually del file in filesystem, not just take it out of the playlist

2004 Jul
fixed bug in SFontBank.exe that'd make it just freeze. thought i had bugs in ditty, but it was just my midipath :/

2004 Jun
shazware and checkin out - ditty kinda on hold till i get back into graphics a bit :)

2004 May
memMapped files for EdiSn - stillll goin... FINALLY updated website!!!

2004 Apr
done making ditty tinier FINALLY back to EdiSn? memMappedFiles n all :)

2004 Mar
recompilin ditty for tiny (no) clib - trickier :/

2004 Feb
recompilin shazware for tiny (no) clib

2004 Jan
still bootin shazware

2003 Dec
booted shazware

2003 Nov
tweaked Ned back to EdiSn fixed MidiCfg to put SFont devices first in list

2003 Oct
redoin registry/config file infrastructure stuph started EdiSn :)

2003 Sep
new job still

2003 Aug
new job! no time :/

2003 Jul
FINALLY done w PSetEdit. Back to Ditty recording i spose... learning php, built new ditty email list

2003 Jun
still workin on PSetEdit soundfont preset editing built bye bye

2003 May
PSetEdit - to edit soundfont presets on the fly ala vienna, but less bulky can view ok now. working on editing...

2003 Apr
Tinker added saveall button with versioning so no naming necessary changed rev# to start at _002 (Ditty too) can edit all controllers now :) "All" checkbox so new controllers can be added in add/del drumnote now

2003 Mar
Tinker - now has track insert, update, delete, scootup, scootdown basic controller editing goin Ditty - sound editing a bit nicer - prev/next top group and prev/next 5 sf2SFont - has a "wait" gui SFontBank - added some progress messages during the wait sf2SFont - ditto

2003 Feb
Ditty and Tinker now have the basics! (decent save functionality in both) Tinker saves/plays selected tracks/controllers now (between time bgn and end) has del clip function to kill off events tween clip bgn,end (all trks) minor change to .TRAK format - old .trak files ain't compat anymore...:( fixed bug in Ditty's Save of recorded track (noteons were being saved as notepressure - dang)

2003 Jan
Tinker uses DrumMap from song file in addition to on drum notes to show drum track - NOW i can finally use tinker to edit drums! got rid of the stupid dependency on msvcrt7.dll or whatever that was

2002 Dec
Ditty adds each note of drumtrack to drummap (if not there already) files have ONE drumtrack, but are expanded to a drum per track (for easier editing of sound/volume) (in Ditty only) Ditty,SFontSet now use "Synth B" sblive device correctly (built shelf in utility room, figurin out dremel, scrollsaw, router:)

2002 Nov
added EditKey param to MidiCfg cuz my keyboard died - usin 5 octave one till repaired:( (new tablesaw, built crosscut sled, etc)

2002 Oct
laid off; learnin .NET, SqlSvr, C#, ADO, ASP, ETC, ETC, ETC

2002 Sep
(summer off with the kids, using ditty for practise, new roof, painting)

2002 Aug
(summer off with the kids, using ditty for practise, new roof, painting)

2002 Jul
Ditty - sends REAL fname to Tinker during rec'ing instead of old "" DrumTrak - spiffed a bit for more elaborate patterns; rep bars in pat line SFontBank - more logical sorting now

2002 Jun
Ditty can explode drumtracks now (in Edit: EdMute) can find songs in a dir picked by windows explorer now :) fixed save bug (it's been there for a while :() fixed bug in sound picking - prevgroup / nextgroup fixed song sorting bug Tinker spiffed BarQ a bit still not of a lotta use, but kinda helps :/ slightly better colors for controller graphs

2002 May
Ditty and Tinker sync better now - tinker doesn't GRIND ya...:/ Tinker - note deleting done now (still no save whole song yet) leftclick=insert/update; rightclick=delete (and fixed some note editing bugs...:/) track picker has checks to pick all/none/some/etc (right click it, too) ctrl picker, too (had to optimise chek ctrl for speed) Whoops - never fixed sorting in SFontBank - fixed now :)

2002 Apr
Tinker - NOTE EDITING!!! (but no save whole song yet) finally squashed the "txtfile finding" bug in SETUPDITTY.exe

2002 Mar
Tinker can send a clip to Ditty now displays lyrics,markers (sorta lame, but they're there at least) Ditty editing reorganized a bit to be handier (although uglier) changed mute editing a bit added editmode so you can play/record the "edit" midi keyboard keys turned off MasterTuneCents usage cuz it fries some softsynths setwidth for songlist (and all CtlCmbos) now Mid2Song now parses track Marker events (like lyrics, but per track) fixed a rare infinite loopin bug

2002 Feb
Ditty chases controllers !!! :))) can use the stupid .rmi files now hopefully fixed incorrect StartMenu/Programs folder picked in SETUPDITTY. added RPN controller support for MasterTuneCents and PitchBendRange oops had PbendRange at 1 for a release there :/ fixed now

2002 Jan
fixed timesig display bugs in Ditty,Tinker (and bug in Ditty's Edit=>Time) Ditty drumnotes expanded to standard GS ones and FULL drummap editing saves the WHOLE song including lyrics, etc, etc listens to ALL "on" midi ins (up to max of 8 currently) popup help of 4arrow area changes with edit type picked gui and midi in update each other for current edit mode added help button Tinker can show ALL controllers at ONCE now with diff height scaling! remembers dirs, defaults good .trak filename for saving clips velocity scale (rainbow:) fills screen width BarQ now spits to a text file and takes tsig into account, etc added help button DrumTrak handles subdirs now and kicks ditty MUCH more interactively-ish(?) spiffed nav of .html docs

2001 Dec
FINALLY have ditty on XP WORKin - worked around bug in Creative's sfman32.dll (thanks to LasTNighT!) got ridda the dang _ for biz; tossed SysX dir; now you can click on Ditty's track display to pick edit track n edit type Tinker can display notes, drums and controllers on ONE screen now save uses {fn}, etc for filename

2001 Nov
been learning DirectMusic since my poor sblive won't go on XP... can parse a .DLS file now, workin on a .sf2->.dls setup for Ditty (later)

2001 Oct
ripping .SF2s and organizing the good presets into a BIG GOOD sound lib with sf2SFont, etc

2001 Sep
a bit nicer icons total soundfont drumset picking via Ditty :)

2001 Aug
splitting out soundfont drums for better/easier drumset editing sayin goodbye to DeviceSound.txt, and extra DeviceTypes: PvV3 :(, RoGS, EnKS, etc. Just GenMidi and SFont now.

2001 Jul
Ditty n Tinker now remember window position stuff got a fancier background onto Ditty... redid app framework a bit - nicer now

2001 Jun
Just killed some bugs w the GS,XG handling made Tinker sync up to Ditty's time when started from Ditty

2001 May
started using DirectMusic's clock got ridda the LargeFonts screen layout problems

2001 Apr
cool SFont device! - use Cvt_to_Lst & Cvt_to_SFont to rip each preset out SFontBank builds SFont_Bank.txt from .pset files Ditty builds/dumps new sf2 on the fly (sorta kinda like DLS but not really)

2001 Mar
Banks handled better now (can handle SFont better plus can do GS,XG) SFont devices correctly list banks there + descrip Mid2Song converts bank changes (cc0) into soundnames w .bbb Ditty maps sounds w .bbb to snd.bbb if exists, else snd (w/out .bbb) cleaned up REMOVE.exe to commit suicide finally cleaned up DrumTrak to sort it's lists

2001 Feb
Ditty - changed edit ctrl biz - progch sets which type, keys 8e-g do editin ignorin MC_BANK on recording and translating any VOL to EXPR new devtype "SFont" is GenMidi but fills in snd.Desc to soundfont preset name

2001 Jan
gotta sblive! should i lose the PvV3,EnKS midiout? :( learnin bout .sf2 and sblive sound architecture nicer (teeny-er) toolbar code Tinker starts w a better sized/zoomed display (note wise AND bars wise) Mid2Song sort DrumTrack to top Ditty fixed bug keepin time=1.1 from showin now does "auto rec" for Compose directory song files

2000 Dec
fixed some fricken bugs in Mid2Song

2000 Nov
made DMusTest app to hear DirectX/DirectMusic/MSSynth's GM sounds made TryWav app to preview lots of .wav files at once

2000 Oct
Ditty - listview was TOO SLOW - back to static ctrl - somewhat nicer tho - tossed Default\Chan99 stuff in Mid2Song,Ditty - added correct timesig handling (not yet robust in Tinker, but passable) Mid2Song - now handle progch correctly when ctrl in front of 1st progch not assoc'd - added correct timesig handling DrumTrak - added badly needed Tempo control spiffed docs tried out DirectMusic sorta

2000 Sep
SETUP - now makes Ditty default .mid,.kar player n restores default on uninstall MidiCfg - upon Save, now kicks Ditty to reload MidiCfg Ditty - redid internal dev/snd/trk organization - listview output looks a little classier than ole edit control - toobar button for MidiCfg

2000 Aug
MidiCfg - new app to configure the midi devices via gui - added Online column to DeviceName.txt n fixed up apps to use it DrumTrak - new app that picks drum clips, ABABABACs em into a and kicks Ditty to play it

2000 Jul
Mid2Song - all drum notes n tempo events are consolidated into one DrumKit track now

2000 Jun
Ditty - DeviceName.txt now has chan config for MidiOut: and swaps to another device if snd can't get a channel on the default device - added Edit: solo/mute (fixed Edit: Sound bug w pgm/mapped snd) - more button glitz (Edit: PickTrack split to own buttons) - now boots Tinker at current bar

2000 May
Tinker - lotso display fixes - color velocity & zoomin in both dimensions!!!
Ditty - fixed prob w PvV3's Drum\Drum patch - had combi pointin at nothin :( - added EnKS_Bank.txt - Ensoniq KS32 (SQx) patch list :) - added RoGS_Bank.txt - Roland GS (approx SC55 level :/ ) patch list - fixed bug for Edit: Snd (not settin track's new snd, etc) - added Bars display of song's len in bars (assuming 4/4 still)

2000 Apr
Ditty/Mid2Song - set up DeviceSound.txt so certain sounds always pick the best device SETUPDITTY.exe - no longer requires fricken WinZip biz Ditty - a bit of glitz for time,tempo,status displays - added Edit Ctrl/Valu stuff to Ditty UI (to use it w/out a MidiIn) Mid2Song - fixed bug makin huge lines in .song file keepin Ditty n Tinker from loadin

2000 Mar
Ditty - made window resizable, longer track names (Mid2Song fixup) - stopped saving non recorded songs (hmmm - what about sound changes) Tinker - gets a drum display SampSend - can SDS load n save .wav files SysX - fixed some tweaky bugs

2000 Feb
PvV3 - added Combi and Fx editing, fixed up docs a bit

2000 Jan
Ditty - can load .mid files directly now (temp .song/.trak made then killed) - added "findsong" func to Ditty n lost SongList app

1999 Dec
SETUP.exe - has editable install dir now Ditty - shows lyrics - can now launch WordPad and Tinker to check out current song - can load .songlist files now - changed time refresh to per qnote for hi perf songs Mid2Song - .KAR explorer file mapping added - Lyrics (std midi and karaoke fmt) now processed SysX - has Get capability now sx2PvV3,PvV3 - new apps for Peavey DPM V3 patch editing SongList - new app to find all song files in a dir and subdirs

1999 Sep
did SETUP.exe and the start of Tinker.

1999 Apr
First release of Ditty and my family's webpage. Primarily so folks could see it's there.

spent a loooooong time spinning my wheels with MFC. Started learnin Win32 API.

95 was a busy year - bought house, had 2nd child, got married :) Dove into the Mac - I didn't want to be a clone... got some midi interface code started got to the point of debugging a REALLY early start on a sequencer totally GAVE UP and committed myself to CLONEZ.

First dive into building a sequencer and patch editor for the Amiga It was about as functional as Ditty's Sep99 windows version I was happy. Commodore died. I was sad.

These folks were awesome enough to help: Dominique.Paon over at LasTNighT over at Deslov over at MidiTrouble over at Samuel_Sierra over at Ajja64 over at Thomas Hammer of hammersound Claude Veziau Andy Turner of andyware Mitch of the sonic spot mahlzeit over at pianoworld forums