SHazWare - release notes

- 2016Jul finally got everything workin on a modern win10 install and made public again

- 2007Aug finally gave Ned a ctrl-a to select all text

- 2007Mar less annoying version of update - no griping if no inet connection avail LogInfo removing http:// and www. and trailing /s from urls also any string passed on command line ( for me:) (sorry)

- 2007Jan update.exe checks for new stuff once a month (only) ned, lp now uses font: consolas 10 and 8, respectively added lp assoc's in SETUP fiiiinally added .wmv to recog'd filetypes of webget

- 2006Dec ned - handles scroll wheel better - faster scrolling scrolls more lines

- 2006Jan ned finally listens to the scroll wheel :)

- 2005Dec webget was still broke (forgot to upld latest change) - sorry bout that :(

- 2005Sep webget tweaks - hotlinked content not marked extern if checkbox set toggle works a little better - can put content links back to "tocheck" fixed downloading - don't use : in filename ned paste bug fix (if past last row) new Flatten app

- 2005Mar bug in ned during move columns :( - exception :((( and in multirow paste (over existing line)


- 2004Aug minor update to webget to look for archive= and code= for java .jar n .class tossed webscrape - just textedit the .webget file and put it in yourself

- 2004Jul minor update to webget - now can pop up IE, and toggle/del 20 refs at a time nicer output to DbgView :/ fixed a strcpy bug that'd blow the app

- 2004Jun busy at work and checking out - change of focus to graphics temporarily

- 2004May WebGet added .tar as known archive type had BUG that only downloaded PART of the file sometimes - FEEXED :) now get 1st url from clipboard better filtering setup, too ned does PutBlk correctly (FINALLLY after years of dealin with this i fix it) scolling bug is fixed (brute force method, but oh well) FavLst makes another format of html output now (FavLst_Pop.html) that'll pop up all favorites in a directory of favorites at once (good for link checkin, etc)

- 2004Apr tweaked RenEm to rename when only case is different too (still need to add lp assocs - or make a GOOD gui assoc app)

- 2004Feb finally got setup.exe done and some "barely good enough" docs new lp utility for quick small printin (still gotta add assocs) shrunk the exe size from max 60K to max 23K :) [tossed clib]

- 2004Jan registered, setup paypal, startin setup.exe biz