SHazWare - download

SHazWare is ... Steve HAZel's softWARE
Some windows file utilities I wrote for me.
Just thought you might wanna try em, too...

download SETUPSHAZWARE.exe

<-- docs in menu over there
FindTxt - find a text string in all the files of a dir
Flatten - flatten all the subdirs in a dir
NEd - Nifty text EDitor. I write all my code in it, but it's limited to 80 cols
Recent - list files most recently touched in a dir
RenEm - rename all the files in a dir at once
UnDup - kill off duplicate files in a dir
WebGet - download all files of a webpage at once

WebGet from the start menu.
NEd by right clicking files in windows explorer
everything else by right clicking a directory in windows explorer


download and run SETUPSHAZWARE.exe which will...
ask you for the install dir. (just use the default)
install all the stuff

After running it, you can delete SETUPSHAZWARE.exe.
Problems? email


Control Panel - Programs And Features - select SHazWare - click Uninstall.