SHazWare - RenEm

rename a bunch of files easily.

I haaate it when I have a bunch of files to rename.

RenEm makes a big ole file listing for you to just overtype in notepad++.
Then it renames the ones you overtyped.

Search and replace while renaming files !

right click a dir in windows explorer

This pops up notepad for you to overtype lines with new filenames

And pops up this dialog so you can let RenEm know when you're done.

Then RenEm confirms your edits with notepad

Then BAM!

Things to watch out for:
don't delete any lines - that'll mess up the assoc between FROM and TO names
don't change the PATHS, only the filenames - changing paths MIGHT work, but i haven't tested it... If you have (intentionally or otherwise, lemme know how it worked for ya.
you may notice some warnings about over 80 columns, etc. that's just in case you're editing the list with ned (with its awesome 80 column limit)