SHazWare - UnDup

UnDuplicate (delete duplicate files)

I've got a ton of midi files I've scammed off various web spots.
And -NONE- of em had nice clean names.
They're either named AWESOMEMID.MID or else flying_in_a_blue_dream_by_joe.KAR...
I want it named JoeSatriani_FlyingInABlueDream_lyr.mid

And then I come across the file again.
This time it's named WAYCOOL.MID (didn't you love those 8.3 char DOS filenames?)

I've got jillions of files! How do I get rid of the duplicates???

Welllllllll, UnDup of -COURSE- (Durrrrr!)

right click a directory in windows explorer

UnDup will pop up notepad with the full listing of the dups

It doesn't know which one of the 2+ files to keep, though.
If it guesses wrong,

- prefix an x (and space) to the one it picked.

- delete the x by the file to keep

save !

then click yes to actually kill em. (or no to skip it)