SHazWare - WebGet

web page and content grabber

press ctrl-D in your browser or click in the url bar and copy the url.

run WebGet from the ole start menu.

click the little magnifying icon and it'll list off the files on that page.
links on the page are tagged with "tochek".
media files are tagged too.

click the magnifying glass again to do the same thing with the links.

keep doin' that till either no more tochek links, or you have ENOUGH media
files, or, you know, webget blows up.

After LISTing for a few iterations, all the "tochek" status links will be
turned into "done" status and you'll have a list of all the content

Then click the download button to suck all the media files down to your pc.

WebGet can't deal with javascript links, but regular links uuusually work.

Listing a LOT of tochek urls can take a long time.
You can see WebGet's progress with...


Hoaky? Yes. But for now just DEAL with it...

You can filter out websites you don't want to scan.
You can duplicate urls (lots of picture urls are just numbered).

Save and Load save intermediate webget lists (to come back to it later.)

The blue E will boot your browser and load the highlighted URL.