tutorial - FAQ

How do I add lyrics?

There are tons of lyrics websites out there. Yay!
Syllables are way too much of a pain. So it's a line at a time.
Just copy the text from one of those lyric websites and put bars in the start
of each line.

PianoCheetah has a global config (click "world behind checkmark" toolbar button)
that you can check that'll put the current bar onto the clipboard as the
song ticks along.

Paste those lyrics into your favorite text editor.
Start PianoCheetah playing the midi file.
When the lyric is juuuust about to start, press control-V when
your cursor is at the start of the line to jam the bar# into the front.

Put LYRIC in the first line of the file.
Save the .txt file somewhere (just in case).

In the text editor, Press control-A and then control-C to put the whole
thing into the clipboard.

Reload your song in PianoCheetah - BAM - it has lyrics now.
Change songs - BAM - it's saved.

You can uncheck PianoCheetah's "copy bar to clipboard" thingy now.

PianoCheetah has VIRUSES !!

Antivirus companies rely on how popular a computer program is. This is great for detecting executables that are widely know to hold viruses. This is terrible for executables that are not widely known and don't.

PianoCheetah is my life's work. Why would I allow it to contain viruses?

Please turn off your antivirus before you download and install. Turn it back on after install.

Please complain to your antivirus company. My guess is that they will ignore you just like they do me.

"This app can't run on your PC"

That message means the downloaded program is corrupt. Probably from your antivirus trashing it. Read above...

set local control off

"local control" is a MIDI term about whether or not to sound notes played on the keyboard.
PianoCheetah needs that turned off. SET LOCAL CONTROL OFF. You need it turned on when playing live. PianoCheetah tries (hard) to set that parameter for you. But on a crash, you may have to set it manually. Break out your keyboard's reference manual.

Edits I make to a song aren't SAVED.

if your song settings aren't being saved, that's probably since the song isn't within the PianoCheetahSongs directory.
Find the directory by picking the Folder icon then (errr) picking the Folder icon in the next window.

You can copy a song there via the Checkmark toolbar button and picking Queue, Learn, etc.

The reason for the completely seperate dir is mostly for safety and organization.

You need to keep your original pristine midis pristine. So keep a copy (the original, that is) OUT of the PianoCheetahSongs dir.

You also need to keep the midis you plan to play organized. So don't put your 8 million midi files in the PCSongs dir. Keep just the songs you plan to actually practice there.

PianoCheetah died and my midi file is wrecked :(

make a directory named old
in the directory that file used to be in and restore it from your backup.
(You have a backup, right?)
Each time PianoCheetah saves a file, it sees if there's a directory called
"old" and copies the old version of the file in there with a timestamp suffix.
That way, even if PianoCheetah goes bonkers (as it'll do occasionally until
YOU guys TELL me about bugs happening), well, the previous ok version is
sitting in that old directory for you to restore.
After 2 weeks, PianoCheetah will kill em so old files don't use up your whole
hard drive.

I don't understand the coloring scheme.

There are 3 - press C to swap between them.
The 12 tertiary colors are used for the 12 notes of the octave. Major scale's 7 notes are red, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple, pink Minor scale's 3rd is a yellow-green, 6th and 7th will be blue-purple and purple-pink Minor 2nd and tritone intervals are colored similarly.
Each track (and it's notes) has it's own color.
You'll see a rainbowy scale at the bottom of the window for velocity: green .. aqua .. blue .. purple .. red .. orange .. yellow min=1/green .. max=127/yellow

Lack of seeing the full keyboard graphic destroys my normal landmarks.
I don't understand what the numbers written on the keyboard graphic are.

The numbers are the octaves. Middle C is in octave 4. Octaves start on C and end on B. Also, umm, standard notation doesn't show you the full keyboard either.

I'm overwhelmed by the amount of information on the screen.

Can't be helped. It's the same deal in standard notation.