midi for newbs - sysex

There's one other type of event that can go across MIDI - the SYSEX event.
Sysex stands for "system exclusive" and is a garbage pile of "anything else you'ld want to send across the wire". None of the synth manufacturers can agree to send presets or other non note/control info in a standard format. So each manufacturer(system) has their own(exclusive) way of sending these presets, banks, system data, etc, etc.

I run away from system exclusive events. I find the easiest way to back up each of my synths' settings (usually by sysex) And then try to use only notes and controls.

Let's face it, we all succumb to gear lust. Move from one piece of gear to the next and the sysex messages change. Stay away from that stuff.

Well, you may not be able to. It may be the only way for you to do something you want to. You'll need to find a programmer, or become one to deal with the stuff. Even if you're an experienced programmer, sysex may make you scream.

Ok, enough about sysex. Try to forget it exists.