end user license agreement

PianoCheetah is ThankyouWare, a variation on FreeWare.

If you use it for a month, you are legally obligated to send Steve an email saying thank you.

Steve in turn is legally obligated to reply to said email with you're welcome and to never share said email address/contents with anyone.

FreeWare is computer software made available free of charge, but which is copyrighted by its developer, who retains the rights to control its distribution, modify it and sell it in the future.
It is distributed without its source code, thus preventing modification by its users.

PianoCheetah specifics:
You may distribute PianoCheetah to your friends, family, piano teacher - anybody
You may not bundle it with other software unless you contact Steve first.
It shall not be sold.
Commercial businesses may not use PianoCheetah without contacting Steve first.

Contact Steve at