piano101 - the rig

Keyboard Stands

Face it. Balancin' 88 keys on your knees will get old fast...

There are quite a few varieties of stands. Building your own like I did may not be feasible. (It takes a while to learn to use a tablesaw, build it's sleds, and learn how to NOT chop your fingers off. Seriously, you DON'T want to chop your fingers off building a keyboard stand. The irony... Ok, sorry)
X stands. Wobbly with a weighted keyboard. Don't get.
4 leg metal stands, or Z stands. Good for gigging.
small metal table frame at Ikea or whereever. These work good if the stand doesn't need to go anywhere. Try to get the keys at acoustic piano height.
console pianos have built in stands. Your wife may appreciate the nicer look.

You'll also want to find a place for

amp if you don't have powered speakers (with amp built in)
sheet music holder - wide enough to hold 3-5 pages
piano bench - I just use an office chair (No arms)
headphones. Or your family will kill you.
PC. a "2 in 1" laptop. for extra sounds and PianoCheetah.
midi drumkit !! You can dink in a little drumtrack with your fingers on the keyboard. Or an "8 pads" device, or a real digital drum kit.

You can live without for a while, but you'll eventually need most of these.