docs - installing it

Let's get this thing installed !

Install from flathub or your desktop app installer.
(no link yet - I'm gettin there)

Then hit your desktop menu under Multimedia. The first time you run PianoCheetah, you'll see...

Pick the directory to -put- the pianocheetah dir into.
Don't type out the pianocheetah part of the name.

Then you'll have to wait around (sorry).

After that MidiConfig will pop up:

Where you pick your device's types (manufacturer_model or just use DEFAULT). And you can give your devices names. I suggest "rockin88" for your piano. I just name my drums "drum". If a device is only for midi input, give it a type of OFF in the output list.

PianoCheetah =needs= a midi input device. a regular keyboard has no "velocity".
you can't control how loud each note plays.

That's too big a part of playing piano (or drums) to miss out on.
I've got some help over here.

After you're done and close MidiConfig, you'll fiiinally see PianoCheetah !

Time to pick a song - I'd suggest
_demo / LegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime / TempleOfTime

Let's set it up in easy mode:
pick the Lrn column of the Piano track so it's a green triangle - that's the track you'll play.
pick the Hand column and set it to R for right hand.
pick the Dev.Chan column so it's syn. The built in softsynth.
pick the Sound column so it's Elec1_aria. Electric piano from the free Aria soundbank.
now click the ez button in the toolbar so it's hilighted.
now click on the toolbar ear/finger/brain button until it's on finger - hear / play / practice.
ok! press w to wipe any notes you hit accidentally.
press 1 to go back to bar 1.
and if things work, you'll be playing that song with your right hand never having to hop - easy !

Ok. Let's go over what some of these crazy parts of the screen actually are...

screenshot time !