docs - what's this directory got?

Talking about PianoCheetah's main directory here.
At some point you'll wanna know about that.
Maybe not now :) BACK TA HOME

pianocheetah main directory has...
YOUR songs - the ones you're practicing and did.
Parts of songs, midi device configuraton, and other stuffff.

Don't keep every midi file in the universe here!
Keep those in a different directory to be searched.
PianoCheetah lists this one every time it runs.


pianocheetah looks for midi files in here when it boots.
midi files are put into 4_queue and converted to format.
any non midi files are moved to a dir called midi_junk (like .txt files or .pdf or whatever else)
directory structure will be kept when moving to 4_queue so if you wanna keep them isolated, put them all within a dir called midi_import/new so they aren't mixed in with the existing songs


songs you're learning right now (daily-ish)


songs you want to keep in your fingers (weekly-ish) on rotation


songs you're done with but want to keep because of the loops and fingering you've setup. So you can pick them back up another day


staging area for new songs you'll get to as you have time.
eventually they'll be moved to 1/2/3 above...


parts of tracks that are weaved into songs
drum clips, bass patterns, arpeggios, chord changes, styles, etc


has your midi hardware configuration and all of syn's samples