download - PianoCheetah

Now, you didn't think you could just run a SETUP.exe did ya...


So far the only way I know how to do this is limit you to KUbuntu and RasPi
And give ya a .deb file (and hope for the best).

Ya download one o these:
PianoCheetah for kubuntu
(pianocheetah for raspi will happen pretty soon too)

And ya cd to whereever it went (probably your downloads folder) and go:
install:   sudo dpkg -i pcheetah_whatev.deb
remove:   sudo dpkg -P pcheetah

Hey! Don't be a stranger - if you got questions I'm here ta answer em.

old windows stuff

Here are some old windows SETUP.exes I still have.
You're on your own cuz I am dooone with windows.
I've fixed a lotta bugs on Linux. They're all still there on Windows :)


I've also got some codin' utilities that other developers/nerds may like: